Viking Raiders Attack AOP | WWE Raw Results


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Ladies and gentlemen, WWE Monday Night Raw continues here tonight. I’m Jordan Huie of the Overtimer and I’ll be continuing to give you the coverage of tonight’s show, live recap and results as they come. After beating the Viking Raiders last week, Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy’s WWE Raw Tag Team title match with Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe is coming up, but first, an Aleister Black squash.

Aleister Black vs. Kenneth Johnson

This is actually a former Cruiserweight Classic competitor I think? Or maybe he just looks a little like him. Either way, he eats a couple leg kicks and takes a Black Mass and that’s that.

Winner: Aleister Black

Takes up a microphone afterward and says that last night he was eliminated from the Royal Rumble. But before you think people like Buddy Murphy or Seth Rollins are to blame, he holds himself accountable. The loss is his to claim. Another thing he holds himself accountable for is waiting for people to come and knock on his door to pick a fight with him. But that changes. You are no longer the one who picks a fight with him. He will bring the fight to you. He looks kinda happy which is a little creepy with him.

Afterwards, out come Rollins and Murphy for their tag title defense.

Rollins on the mic to gloat about how last week he and Murphy dethroned the unbeatable Viking Raiders. Says as a benevolent leader, he will not turn down a challenge, so he tells Joe and Owens to come down and get their asses kicked. Out they come idneed, but they also have microphones. Owens says he still talks too much, Rollins argues he barely said anything. Kevin says these past few months, he’s been an absolute jackass. Means it from the bottom of his heart, he sucks now.

Rollins turns things around and says why don’t they come down there and fight? Joe finds that funny, says week after week Owens has been looking for this fight but Rollins never wants it. Asks what’s different? Owens agrees, says it seems like something changed. Mentions that perhaps they have AOP hiding somewhere. Asks if they’re hiding under the ring, in the crowd with masks on… Seth says that AOP are backstage and shows footage on the screen of them to prove it. Joe and Owens still aren’t convinced, so he has Akam speak to Owens to prove that it’s not taped in advance. Joe and Owens are pleased with this, as now they don’t have to look for them

Suddenly, the Viking Raiders jump AOP! They’re battering them as we go to commercial.

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