WWC Euphoria 2020: Epico Retains, Primo Wrestles

The company stroked first at the start of January in Puerto Rico.


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WWC presented WWC Euphoria 2020 in the Ruben Rodríguez in Bayamón. Their main event had Epico Colon beat AAA veteran and former Mega Champion, Texano Jr.

WWC Euphoria 2020 is their first show of the year, a tradition of Día de Reyes (Three Kings Days) in Puerto Rico. The show had the Colon brothers in the big two matches of the night. Epico Colon, who is the WWC Universal Champion, was able to come on top.

For Primo Colon the story was different. He went head-to-head against El Mesias. Eddie (Primo) is part of the heel stable, The Dynasty. This included multiple times WWC Universal Champion, Gilbert. Also, professional basketball player (who stands 7,1”), Peter John Ramos. After the match, Primo attacked Mesias. In a surprise, Apolo returned and attacked everybody, saving Mesias in the process.

Back to their IWA PR days, “El León” Apolo and Mesias were known as the Dream Team. They were the faces of IWA PR. Apolo is the wrestler with most reigns as IWA World Champion; while Banderas also won the title on 6 occasions. Together, they both presented a new face to the Puerto Rican wrestling scene.

The dynasty now has a big rivalry in WWC. Primo Colon is after Epico’s Universal title. While Pete John Ramos will debut on February 15 alongside Gilbert. Ramos has been scouted by WWE for his great size. He was drafted to the NBA, has competed in the Chinese Basketball Association and has represented Puerto Rico in the FIBA World Cup.

In the Puerto Rican championship scene (the mid-card title), Mighty Ursus defeated Bellito. The WWC World Tag Team champions, Kaos & Abbadon defeated La Revolución. Carlito Caribbean Cool vs. Gilbert ended in a No-Contest. Xix Xavant who is a former Universal Champion (in the dark days of the company) won a rumble to challenge for any title of his choosing. 

The promotion seems to be in a good run after WWC Euphoria 2020. Since Primo Colon and Epico took over, the company seems to have a better flow of the story and a new breath of fresh air. There’s still the problem with them relying too much on their second name, Colon. But still, Epico is having the best run anyone has had with the Universal title since Mecha Wolf 450 back in 2016. He’s constantly defending it and delivering some solid matches. With Xavant winning the championship, it seems that he will be the next challenger for the Universal title.



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