WWE News: Andrade Suspended For Wellness Policy Violation


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On tonights episode of Monday Night RAW, we witnessed Humberto Carillo brutally attack Andrade after their United States championship match ended in disqualification. This was to write Andrade off TV for the foreseeable future, as it appears like Andrade has failed the WWE Wellness Policy. It is his first strike, and as such he will be off TV and live events for the next 30 days. This comes as Andrade is the United States Champion.

What Will Become Of The United States Championship?

With Andrade written off TV for the next month, we will more than likely see him stripped of the United States Championship. WWE likes to use a storyline device where if a champion is unable to defend in 30 days, they forfeit the championship. This is exactly the scenario it is for. They could have had Humberto win it this evening, but instead we could see a vacant title up for grabs.

With so much talent on Monday Night RAW, a quick tournament would be perfect to crown a new champion. Enter people such as MVP, Aleister Black, Buddy Murphy, and Humberto Carillo and let them prove they deserve to be champion.

Could This Kill Any Chance Of Andrade As A Star?

It seemed Andrade was being groomed as the next huge Hispanic star for WWE. With him now having a strike like this on his record, it will become an uphill battle for Andrade to be a star to this degree. People have succeeded despite having failed a wellness policy check, such as Randy Orton & Roman Reigns. Andrade will be banking on his relationship with Charlotte Flair to keep him safe as a potential star in the face of this, as he is still rather untested.

It is unclear at this time what caused Andrade to fail this test, and it is unlikely we will ever have more than speculation on this front. It could be any number of banned substances, which can even include perscription medications that didn’t have proper paperwork submitted to WWE.

If Andrade gets another strike, he is suspended for 60 days. A third and he will be likely released from the company. He will have to tread more carefully going forward, but he shouldn’t be doomed with a single strike.

How do you think WWE should handle the United States Championship situation in this situation? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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