WWE Royal Rumble 2000 (Into the Vault)


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Are you ready to go back Into the Vault? Last week, we did the 20th anniversary of WCW Souled Out 2000. This time we’re looking at WWE Royal Rumble 2000. While Souled Out had twelve damn matches, this show had six with one of them being the Royal Rumble match. Let’s dive in and see if this show aged well. 

Skip These Matches 

The opener with Kurt vs. Tazz? Skip that. It should’ve been on HeAT, really. I liked the New Age Outlaws and the Acolytes were always a badass team. They wouldn’t become truly awesome until a week later when they became the APA. That said, skip the World Tag Team title match or just leave it on in the back. It’ll end before you look up from whatever you’re doing. 

You Can Probably Skip These 

Short match but Jericho defending his IC title against Chyna and Hardcore Holly wasn’t bad. It wasn’t something I’d say “Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2000 for this match.” You could honestly skip this or watch it. I will say, this could’ve also run on RAW. 

Watch These Matches 

The Hardy Boyz against the Dudley Boyz in a tables match was actually really fun! Could this have been on RAW? Easily. These two teams work extremely well together and sometimes they can take a TV bout and make it fit on a PPV. That’s the only reason this match isn’t a possible skip. This was made a PPV match even without any title stakes.  

Not that a title is necessary but with these four, give them something to make it worth their while for going through tables. 

The Royal Rumble match was enjoyable. It ran for 51 minutes and change with The Rock taking the win. The match that stole the show was Triple H against Cactus Jack for the World Title. These two are amazing against each other. Every match has this ridiculous level of danger to them. Are they usually brawls? Yes. Do I enjoy brawls? Love them. Was this actually as good as I remember? Yes. 

Verdict for WWE Royal Rumble 2000 

There’s some stuff that could’ve been booked on RAW on this card but it wasn’t a bad show. You don’t have a ton of matches like Souled Out 2000 did and what you had here, most of it worked! That Royal Rumble match had its moments where it lulled but that’s what happens in battle royals.  

Ultimately, you’re showing up for Triple H vs. Cactus Jack and staying for the Royal Rumble. It’s not a disappointing follow up and honestly, the IC title match should’ve been moved as cool down. That World Title match was hot. 

RATING: 7/10 


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