WWE Royal Rumble: Is Edge Breaking Hearts of Playing Coy

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There are few superstars fans want to see return at the Royal Rumble than Edge. After retiring in 2011 due to lingering effects from his broken neck, Edge has carved a comfortable acting niche for himself, appearing in the popular show The Vikings the last couple of seasons. Despite all of that success, Edge continues breaking hearts, or is he playing coy?

But this is the problem when the current product is below par. We tend to look back and wish we could see our favorites in action one more time, and Vince McMahon hasn’t helped with the near constant nostalgia parade. Remember the cringeworthy Goldberg and Undertaker? I’m still trying to forget it.

There have been numerous indications that he’s coming back from reports saying he signed a new deal, was seen in Pittsburgh for WWE business, and so on. Of course, he denies all of it.

Edge breaks some hearts

Recently, Edge stated for the third or so time he wasn’t coming back (Special thanks to heel Vs Face for the quote).

“It’s kind of funny to be honest. All of these rumors that I’ve been to Pittsburgh and I’ve been cleared to wrestle and I’ve signed a new contract. I have no idea where any of it came from. The last time I was in Pittsburgh, I had my wrist fused in 2013. I don’t know

“I would go to Pittsburgh to see Pearl Jam for sure, but I haven’t been there, and I haven’t signed a contract. I think I would know.

“I’ll get this tsunami of comments saying, ‘You’re coming back! You signed a contract.’ I really haven’t.”

Every time he’s denied he’s coming back, he sounds sincere, but we don’t believe him. In fact, no one does. And this puts him in a corner.

He may have no choice but to show

There’s a logical reason for him to deny coming back. It’s standard when someone pops in for a surprise, however, it won’t be a surprise if he does show. In fact, it’d be more of a surprise if he doesn’t make an appearance.

While it may be a bit much to ask of him to take part in a match given his previous injuries, there’s nothing preventing him from doing so if he’s been cleared.

He was healthy otherwise, so if he can avoid anything crazy like jumping off the top of a ladder or taking a header he should be fine. With that being said, do we really want to see him badly enough to warrant possible injuries?

At some point, we’re going to have to accept our favorites from yesteryear are retired for a reason. Even if they can compete, they’re not going to be able to perform to the level we’ve come to expect. For reference, look up the ‘Taker and Goldberg match mentioned above.

In the end, it may be best that Edge is breaking hearts instead of playing coy. Maybe then, McMahon will stop booking these matches and focus on his current product.

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