WWE Rumors: Could Rey Mysterio Put His Mask On The Line Against Andrade At Wrestlemania 36?

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One of the best feuds in recent WWE has been that of Rey Mysterio & Andrade. The two high speed luchadors have been giving us great match after great match. The latest came in a ladder match for the United States championship on Monday Night RAW, which Andrade won. That was seemingly the end of the feud, as Humberto Carillo would attack after thematch, and Andrade has called out Cain Velasquez for a match at Wrestlemania. Will Rey Mysterio up the ante to try to get one more shot at Andrade?

Hair vs. Mask At Wrestlemania 36 Is Rey Mysterios Goal

A time honored tradition in lucha libre are matches with something on the line, more than just titles. A mask is a wrestlers who identity, and losing that is almost more than losing a championship for them. Andrade was once known as La Sombra, until he lost his mask to Atlantis in 2015. Before this, he took the masks of El Felino, Olímpico and Volador Jr. He has quite the collection of masks, but none as iconic as that of Rey Mysterio.

Speaking with TV Insider, Rey Mysterio mentioned this as his goal if the feud with Andrade continues. “I think the goal right now — after tonight’s outcome in the Andrade ladder match — I think something along the ways that if he wants to keep feuding and going a step further, I’m willing to put my mask on the line versus his hair for a WrestleMania moment. Whatever the case might be, whoever ends up winning, I think it would be a huge stepping stone for either of us.”

Rey Mysterio is no stranger to losing his mask. He lost it in WCW and wrestled unmasked for a while, but where he didn’t lose it down in Mexico, he had a chance to put it back on when he would join WWE in the early 2000’s. He was forced to unmask when he & Konnan failed to defeat Scott Hall & Kevin Nash. The match wasn’t officially recognized by the boxing and lucha libre commission that Rey was registered to. His mask has become even more iconic due to his time in WWE, and if Andrade could unmask him once & for all, it would make him into one of the biggest heels in the company.

Would you want to see Andrade unmask Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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