WWL Confirms Matches for El Fin (The End)


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World Wrestling League (WWL) confirmed six matches for El Fin show.  This show is scheduled for February 9 on Sunday.  It was reported first that WWL will change its name to La Liga Wrestling. The company agreed to change the WWL name, because of the troubling past of the promotion. Now, with a new name and a new arena for tapings, the company will restart its run.

WWL is currently the best wrestling promotion in the island. But they tend to lose traction at the start of every year. This year, it was announced that Justin Dynamite vacated the Americas championship. This is a big blow to the company since Justin is arguably one of the best young prospects in the island. He had beaten Mark Davidson (another great prospect) in Table, Ladders and Chairs match.

Now, the company will have a one-one match for the title in El Fin, between the former champion, Davidson, and another former champion, Star Roger. The latter is a former CWA Heavyweight Champion and one of the best wrestlers on the island (he was voted the best wrestler in Puerto Rico in 2020). Roger is the former teacher of Davidson, making the challenge more interesting.

Another match that was announced for El Fin was a fatal-four way for the WWL Tag Team titles. It will feature former champions: Los Primos Melendez, Westside Mafia, and Thunder & Lightning. The only team to never win the title are Puro Macho, who has in their rows former Americas Champion, JC Navarro, and former Six-Max Champion, Khris Diaz. T & L are the WWL Tag Team Champions. They’re coming from a feud against Invader I and Bronco I (horrible, I know).

The main event of El Fin will have Angel Fashion facing his former friend and tag team partner, Mike Mendoza. The latter was the former WWL Heavyweight champion but lost it in the Fall against the former. Both men have a history. Deserting World Wrestling Council in 2017, and then joining the rising WWL. Mendoza became of the two the main champion, by betraying Fashion. Fashion then went back to Florida to train and get his revenge in the Summer.

Finally, another match that’s taking place is the prospect and rising star, El Gentil, going against OT Fernandez. The latter is a former WWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion. He has been trained in Ultimo Guerrero’s wrestling school, in the Los Angeles New Japan Dojo and by Pablo Marquez in Florida. His resume is big and his physique impressive. He’s taking on a wrestler the employs a World of Sport style in Puerto Rico and a favorite of the public.

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