WWL to Return on February 2020 to Puerto Rico


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World Wrestling League has been taunting fans with its return in Puerto Rico in 2020. The company ended up as the best wrestling promotion in Puerto Rico; plus their main event of its iPPV, Pena Capital, ended up as the best match of 2019 (on the island). For many, the promotion had a lot of steam to now have it vanished at the end of December.

For many, the rumor of the cancellation of Black Xmas was due to the airs of regulation that the Security Commission intended to bring. However, several officials of the promotion have denied this rumor. As AB Morales (editor in chief of Impacto Estelar) himself has argued, the logistics of going against the Daddy Yankee concert, plus the decline that presented December were several of the factors. Regarding the alleged commission, the company previously reported that they were working on that.

Now, the fan in Puerto Rico looks forward to the return of “La Liga.” The company has been counting down for days where they mention “The End.” For many, this message has put several fans in confusion. Does it mean the end of the WWL? Does it have to do with the December cancellation? Will Richard Negrin return?

To the first question, there is not much to answer. Richard Negrin, so far, has not been planning a return with his former company. He himself in a “Live” indicated that he would return to wrestling, but that it would not be with current companies (we will see if he keeps his promise). In addition, no one with good neurons working would bring the major cause of the destruction of WWL on board again.

Regarding the other two questions, this is what we have so far:

  • The word game of “The End” is simply that, a game for promotion. AB Morales has mentioned before that it is similar to the game that NXT had a few years ago with a Takeover. They mentioned “The End” a lot, and then indicated that it was “The End of the Beginning.” In all this, NXT achieved the coronation of Samoa Joe before Finn Balor. So, don’t be alarmed, it’s just the wrestling company employing strategies to encourage them for their next show. (If WWL would have a more drastic change than that, we haven’t met it on this portal yet.)
  • Regarding when they return. Anyone who has seen the January calendar will recognize how difficult WWL has to promote their next show this month. First, the count (to this day) still has 7 days, which means that any announcement you have would be for other dates and not for this weekend. Second, Saturday, January 18, is already from IWA PR; The show has several key WWL talents. If you wanted to have your talent available, you would do it on Friday and you’ll have the same challenge as IWA PR, La Calles San Sebastián. If WWL did not run on easier dates for Christmas, I don’t think they would like to run a Friday with as much activity as it would be on January 17. Finally, next weekend is CWA’s (the 25th). WWL may run the day before or against them, but it would be knowing that a large part of his fanatic would want to go see one of the best independent fighters in the world, the PWG world champion, Bandit.

With that last panorama, it is very clear that WWL is going to run in February (or at least that would be the most logical thing). Several characters have indicated that this month would be indicated, even some have stated that this is the month already planned. If so, as early as the first weekend of February would be the return of the island in Puerto Rico.

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