AEW News: ‘Hangman’ Adam Page To Release Childrens Book

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Not to be outdone by his Elite friends Matt & Nick Jackson, Adam Page has announced a book of his own. It will not be a autobiography like that of The Young Bucks, but rather a childrens picture book. The story will be written by Adam Page himself, with illustrations by Dylan Coburn. Adam & The Golden Horseshoe is set for release on May 24th, with preorders available.

What Will Adam & The Golden Horseshoe Be About?

The plot summary on the preorder page is the following. Adam’s faded second-hand guitar never left his side. He played it at home, he played it at school. He even slept with it. As Adam and the rest of the Elite Team practiced their talents, Adam felt overshadowed by his friends. He just wasn’t good enough… When he heard about the legend of the Golden Horseshoe, and its charm to make champions, he knew he had to find it for himself. But on his quest, Adam finds more than just the horseshoe. Will he finally find the champion within himself?

It sounds like an average book you would find a young child reading, just with it being written by a wrestler.

Adam Page Was A Teacher

While at first glance, the man known for his drinking and ‘cowboy shit’ seems like a poor choice to make a childrens picture book. However, before making wrestling his full time job in 2016, he was a high school teacher. A graduate of Virginia Tech, he would teach journalism and graphic design using his degree in communications.

So while his on-screen character is a drunken ass kicker, behind the scenes he is an incredibly intelligent man with a passion for teaching. This makes this upcoming book make more sense.

The Third In The Elite Team Series

While this is the first book from Adam Page, illustrator Dylan Coburn has worked with The Young Bucks and Cody on similar books in the past. Young Bucks Stand Tall & Cody: Heart Of The Mountains are the previous entries, and can be purchased on most major book websites. We can only assume that Kenny Omega will be the next to have a book in this series, being a founding member of The Elite and the partner of Adam Page. For wrestling fans with young children, these are perfect. It offers a fun way to introduce them to wrestling, while giving much needed bonding time.

Will you be purchasing Adam & The Golden Horseshoe, or does the AEW link not make a children’s book a worthwhile purchase? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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