AEW Speculation: Will Austin Aries Join All Elite Wrestling?


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AEW Speculation: Will Austin Aries Join All Elite Wrestling?

At this past weeks episode of Dynamite, the self proclaimed “Greatest Man That Ever Lived” himself was spotted backstage. This is Austin Aries, the former Ring Of Honor and Impact Wrestling World Champion. The top level wrestler was backstage with wrestling legend DDP, who has made numerous AEW appearances. This sighting has launched a new wave of relevancy for Austin Aries, who has not been seen in the ring since MLW Saturday Night SuperFight in November. There he lost a match for the MLW Middleweight Title against Teddy Hart. With it being months since he has appeared for MLW, it is possible he could be making a move to a big stage once again.

Austin Aries Is Still A Fantastic Wrestler

Despite having burned far too many bridges in the wrestling industry, you can find few people that are a more complete package as an on-screen performer. He is a top level worker in the ring, and is equally good on the microphone. While his best years are behind him, watching his most recent matches shows that he has hardly missed a step since his last major run in WWE. He would fit in nicely on the super talented roster AEW has built up, and would provide some fantastic matches.

What Would AEW Offer To Aries?

While working for companies like MLW is a great way to stay in the wrestling spotlight, AEW would finally get Austin Aries a consistent role on a show people actually watch. He would be able to put on some absolute classics with the likes of Kenny Omega, Cody, and his old WWE rival PAC. Aries is the type of loud personality which would be hard to lose within the stacked roster of AEW, and would rise to the top of the card due to his skill alone.

Difficult To Work With

One con to him joining AEW, is that Aries has built up a reputation within the wrestling industry. There is a reason he has been in so many different companies. While he always brought a great level of skill to the ring, we can’t expect him to get called back to promotions like Impact Wrestling or WWE as he left both on bad terms. His Impact Wrestling exit was especially messy, with him no-selling Johnny Impacts finisher seconds after a match for the Impact World Championship at Bound For Glory 2018. This choice ruined what was a great main event at their biggest show of the year. It is clear he has an attitude, and that might not be something AEW will want in their locker room.

Would you want to see Austin Aries join the AEW roster? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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