All Elite Wrestling Is Considering Another Championship


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All Elite Wrestling Is Considering Another Championship
All Elite Wrestling Is Considering Another Championship

In talking with Wrestling Observer Radio, Cody Rhodes talked about expansion in the way of a new title. A new AEW championship and the new show were going to be the main takeaways given fans and the industry is interested in seeing how All Elite Wrestling grows in 2020. 

The Next All Elite Wrestling Championship 

Cody wasn’t big on calling it a midcard championship at all. There’s a stigma to the term “midcard.” It’s a kind of hell on the roster that is hard for talent to escape. When a wrestler is firmly in the midcard, advancing is like moving through quicksand when depending on creative to see someone as a talent to invest in. 

That puts AEW in an odd situation in planning this new title. Currently, the company has moved beyond the need for weight classes. There’s a desire to have everyone viewed as a contender for the AEW World title and that’s the title everyone wants. Even Tag Team champions want to be the World champion.  

Realistically, looking at the roster and who has been established as being the elite of All Elite Wrestling. You’d think that the win-loss record would make it so that anyone can move up into title shot position. The problem there goes back to planning.  

Eliminating The Roster Bottleneck 

AEW is a company pushed by storylines. It never hit the scene with the intent of being driven purely by competitive matches. Dropping angles or storylines and running a point system. Stars and interest in All Elite Wrestling rely just as heavily on the non-wrestling stuff as the in-ring stuff.

While an organic no-writers approach is awesome on paper, in action it leads to a lack of consistency.  A new title in AEW would allow for a degree of breathing room as far as booking is concerned. A second title could be another key to the World Championship. 

Just like the NWA North American or the Gift of Gods title. This really works if the title has to be relinquished to compete for the World title. At any rate, whatever the executive VPs are certainly trying to figure this out without it being viewed as a title for midcarders while not being another title for those in the main event. 

Honestly, the Gift of the Gods title would be a good idea to keep the midcard competitive and give them a goal. Fans will get into a good midcard storyline but when it doesn’t appear that everyone involved probably won’t advance up the card, having brushes with the main event works as well. 

We’ll have to see how All Elite Wrestling rolls the new championship out. 

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