Angel Garza def. Cedric Alexander | WWE Raw Results


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WWE Monday Night Raw continues and out comes Zelina Vega with her newest charge, Angel Garza! Angel’s got a match with Cedric Alexander here. Zelina on the mic as Angel tries to shush the booing crowd. Vega says that she’ll show you why Angel Garza is a man’s man, shows the footage of last week where Garza attacked his cousin Humberto Carrillo and laid him out, before dropping Rey Mysterio onto the exposed concrete. Garza laughs at this, saying he truly is a man’s man because nobody measures up. But he’s also a ladies’ man, because no woman in the world can resist him…

However, out comes Humberto Carrillo charging into the ring! Double leg, raining down punches! Cedric just watches from the top rope as Carrillo wails on him, security in the ring to break it up. Garza rolls to the outside as the officials take Humberto up the ramp. Chant of “Let them fight” but it seems Carrillo has been taken backstage. Angel rolls into the ring for the match to begin.

Angel Garza vs. Cedric Alexander

Bell rings as Cedric charges but Angel goes into the ropes to force the break, cheap shot, snapmare and straitjacket cinched in! Cedric reverses the hold but a backwards headbutt breaks it. Takes Cedric to the apron, but he fights back, big boot, springs in with a hurricarana! Combo of palm strikes into a spin kick to the gut! Charging forearm in the corner! Wicked dropkick to the back of the head! Angel bails, Cedric hits the ropes, wants a baseball slide but Garza catches him by the legs, yanks him out and he lands hard on the floor!

And now this again, he pulls up the mat… stops short of exposing the concrete though as Zelina yells at him to come over to Cedric, drop toe hold takes Angel into the steps! Throws him into the ring, goes up top – Garza with a dropkick taking him out of the air! Angel Garza rips off the pants, plants Cedric with the Wing Clipper and that is that.

Winner: Angel Garza

Pretty good match, about what it should’ve been. Some would say that Cedric got way too much here but odds are good that Angel’s only here for the length of Andrade’s suspension so it kinda makes sense to let the guy who will be on the roster longer atleast put up a good fight.

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