Angel Garza def. Humberto Carrillo | WWE Monday Night Raw Results (2/24/2020)


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WWE Monday Night Raw rolls on after that opening segment. Backstage, Angel Garza and Zelina Vega give some lip – and some flirting in the case of Angel – to Interviewer Girl #1, ahead of his match with Humberto Carrillo.

Humberto Carrillo vs. Angel Garza

Carrillo and Garza swiftly lock legs, find themselves standing on their heads in the ring together and slapping one another in an athletic display! Garza bails shortly after to get a breather but as soon as he comes back in, Humberto grabs him with a side headlock. Garza shoots him off but Carrillo takes him down with a shoulder block. Leap frogs and flip overs, Garza wants a rana but Humberto flips and lands on his feet to square off with him! Standing dropkick takes Garza to the floor, Tope Suicida sends Angel right into the barricade! Commercial break, match continues in the inset. Carrillo gets Garza with a flying double axe handle off the barricade!

Back into the ring, Garza catches a handspringing Carrillo with a dropkick! An exchange of forearms commences. Garza wins out, throws him to the apron, WWE Headkick backs him up, Carrillo with a Springboard Dropkick! Back roll into a moonsault for a 2 count! Clobbering him with forearms now. Humberto goes up top, Angel gets him in the Tree of Woe. Just after we come back, Angel strips off the pants, dropkicks the chest. Slingshot Inverted Suplex, into an immediate Thrust Kick for a nearfall!

Carrillo with an arm drag, combination of kicks, Springboard Lucha Arm Drag takes him to the outside! Wants a baseball slide, Garza ducks it, sends Carrillo onto the apron, he tries to handstand but Angel gets him with a superkick to the face! Rolls into the ring and covers him for a nearfall!

Carrillo gets Garza with a roundhouse kick from the apron, Springboards to the apron but gets caught with double boots to the face, they each trade hard kicks to the face until they go limp!

Ovation from the crowd for that one! Humberto hooks the legs of Angel, drags him closer to the post. Stomps to the face. Humberto and Garza trading chops, Carrillo with a catapult but Garza lands on the second rope! Kicks Carrillo to the floor, Triangle Moonsault to the floor wipes him out! Another commercial break ensues, no inset this time. This match is some real good stuff so far! We come back to see Garza hit the ropes only to rush right into a Spanish Fly for a nearfall!! Zelina is quite stressed out watching this. Humberto goes up top, Zelina distracts him for just a moment, allowing Garza to get him with an uppercut. Goes up top with him, Avalanche Spanish Fly for a verrrry close nearfall!

Garza with a kick to the face, Humberto spins into a big Dragon Whip! Falls onto him for a 2 count! Angel with a crucifix for 2 count, exchange of flash pin attempts, neither can get them, crowd comes alive, Wheelbarrow gets reverses as Angel stacks him up and gets the win!

Winner: Angel Garza

Well, I really didn’t expect that result, guess we’ll be seeing more of Garza going forward after all. That was a damn good match though, one of the best TV matches Raw has seen this year.

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