Bayley def. Naomi | WWE Super Show-Down Results


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WWE Super Show-Down continues and now we have our first-ever women’s title match in Saudi Arabia, with Bayley defending the gold against Naomi up next.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Naomi

Naomi is surprisingly over here, you can hear some chants for her. Naomi gets Bayley into a headlock, Bayley rolls through and gets her into a headlock. Naomi gets back up, Bayley misses with a kick, Naomi hits a mule kick on Bayley in the corner. Naomi hits a split on Bayley for a cover and a nearfall. Bayley kicks Naomi in the stomach, starts working on her arm. Naomi flips out of it, lands a leg drop on the champ’s neck, kickout at two. Bayley tries to escape the ring, Naomi catches her. Naomi lands a kick in the stomach, hits a rana, Bayley gets out of the ring to recoup, and Naomi with a corkscrew tope to follow her! Huge cheers and “This is Awesome” chants.

Bayley catches Naomi trying to get back in, knocks her off the Apron to BIG heat. Naomi thrown into the barricade, gets her back into the ring for a cover and a kickout. Bayley strikes Naomi in the corner, pressing her boot into the throat until the four count. Bayley locks in a chinlock to keep wearing Naomi down, Naomi fighting out with strikes, Bayley gets her with a running clothesline for a cover and a kickout. Bayley with a suplex and another chinlock. Bayley gets annoyed with the crowd and tells them off. Bayley drives Naomi into the corner, rolls away and almost does her old babyface spot where she works the crowd but decides against it because she’s a heel. Naomi with a variety of moves including a jawbreaker and an enziguri, and the match is back in Naomi’s favor. Naomi hits Bayley with a knee from the second rope for a two count.

Naomi kicks Bayley right in the shin, tries to follow up but Bayley ducks. Naomi kicks her in the chin with both feet, Bayley with the Bayley to Belly for a cover… and a kickout. Bayley gets Naomi down with a chop block and another unsuccessful cover. Bayley lands a back suplex and the crowd is not happy about it. Bayley does a running knee, heads up top to follow up… Naomi with an enziguri to shut her down, split legged moonsault… Bayley dodges! Bayley mounts Naomi from behind, stuffing Naomi’s legs into her shirt, and slams her face into the mat for the win!

Winner: Bayley

That’s the advantage of Saudi Arabia dress code I guess, you can use moves like that with those goofy baggy T-Shirts…

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