CBS The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Katie Proves Herself and True Friend and Director


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Hello once again and welcome to CBS The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers!

Few things are as treasured in this world like true friends, and it looks like Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) has found one in Katie Logan (Heather Tom), and CBS The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers is here for it all.

As Sally waits to find out what’s wrong with her, Katie has proven to be everything Sally has needed thus far aside from a solution.

A true friend

After assuring Sally repeatedly, Katie’s put herself in the perfect position to be her champion, someone she can trust and lean on. All Sally asks is that she doesn’t tell Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) what’s wrong with her.

This is a difficult thing for anyone to promise, but Katie’s one of the few good-hearted people on daytime television, and her promise will weigh on her.

Most of us can appreciate being put in a difficult position like this, as our pride often gets the better of us when it comes to making decisions. This is never more true than when it’s someone we’re estranged from for whatever reason.

Sally has her reasons for remaining quiet, with pride being among them considering her and Wyatt’s relationship at the moment, but one is most likely because using her illness could be viewed as her trying to lure Wyatt back.

Previously, we discussed the different possibilities for what could be ailing Sally as well as the theory she could be faking. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on our point of view) various online and printed networks have indicated Sally is sick, and will be fighting for her life.

Because she’s such a good friend and person, Katie will break her promise and tell Bill Spencer, Jr. (Don Diamont), then Wyatt. Where this will lead is anyone’s guess, but Sally will not be happy.

At first.

Wyatt will do everything he can to help her, and there is always the possibility it’ll rekindle his feelings for her after a while. And that won’t sit well with Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden), and given her and Sally’s contentious relationship thus far, there’s little doubt a war of sorts will erupt between them.

And Wyatt will be right in the middle.

Again. (Some thing never chance, and we at CBS The Bold and the Beautiful love it!)

Where this will leave Katie is a great question. Most likely, she and Sally will have a small falling out over her breaking her promise, and she’ll fade into the background for a while. But given the actress’ directing career, that may be to give her more time.

Heather Tom the director

As much as she’s loved in front of the camera by fans, Heather Tom has been branching into the behind the lens career lately, and she’s been loving it.

So far, she’s directed episodes of Good Trouble and Dynasty (Airing Tuesday February 11 and Friday February 21 respectively if anyone’s interested. Special thanks to CBS Soaps In Depth for this tidbit)

Taking part in CBS Director’s Initiative has been a great boon to her, and we can expect her to continue directing and acting going forward, including the occasional episode of The Bold and the Beautiful.

To be honest, it’s awesome to see her and others stretch their wings into other avenues, and we wish her nothing but the best.

Of course, she has stated she doesn’t see why she has to stop acting, so we’ll still get to see plenty of Katie.

Thank you for joining us, and remember to stay tuned to CBS The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for more updates, spoilers, and fan theories.

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