Cedric Alexander Frustrated In Current WWE Role


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Cedric Alexander Frustrated In Current WWE Role

The wrestling business is a bit crowded now. There are four companies to go to now with television and three of those have national TV that most fans can easily access. That doesn’t factor in two other companies with weekly programs on YouTube. If you run a multi-billion dollar company, it’s probably best to have a creative team that uses the bulky roster of on-screen talent you have signed well. Case in point: Cedric Alexander. 

A Disgruntled Cedric Alexander 

The former WWE Cruiserweight champion hasn’t had the best luck in-ring recently. On WWE RAWCedric Alexander lost to Angel Garza in the latter’s debut for the company. This has been the trend with Alexander who had his last flagship show victory in September 2019, defeating Styles by DQ. After that, most of Alexander’s TV wins since then have been via his WWE Main Event appearances. 

That wouldn’t be so bad if Alexander was content with a role as king of the B-shows but obviously he isn’t. On his Twitter, Cedric Alexander posted: 

As expected, there were mentions encouraging to go elsewhere. You know, a certain promotion with two vowels and a “W.” They have a pretty explosive show on Wednesdays. Others offered up Major League Wrestling, NWA Powerrr, New Japan, and even Impact Wrestling. Finally, you have the condescending responses of “Just do your job.” 

The same as always when talent is disgruntled by how they’re being used by WWE. 

Precedent Is Important Here 

It’s not that these promotions never cross wrestlers’ minds. A WWE contract can be hard to get out of when there is a year and change left. While the company recently adopted a new policy to deal with situations such as this, one thing that always gets me is that the situation is nothing new. 

This is what WWE does. The company doesn’t do it to everyone but there’s a high chance that eventually creative will just do whatever with talent because they have no plans. Or rather they didn’t plan that far ahead or expect talent to get over as much as they did. The booking that occurs really makes a hot talent look as though that they’re losing all the time or just going through the motions. 

It’s a shame because most of these wrestlers want to wrestle their best on the biggest stage. However, it begs the question of why exert yourself when you’re being handled poorly. It also begs the question of why strive for WWE as the endgame?  

Many of these wrestlers who are disgruntled are fans like the rest of us, they’ve read the news and seen the shoots as well, and they’ve heard from peers about WWE’s creative. Hell, most have watched WWE and seen talent who ended up where they are now years before they got the call-up. 

Maybe it’s a case of what can’t be heard must be felt. Hopefully, things turn around for Cedric Alexander and WWE either handle him better or send him over to NXT. Yeah, he could leave altogether but NXT is right there and it might be a better scene for him within the WWE system. 

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