Chris Jericho Lays Out Jon Moxley | AEW Dynamite Results (2/26/2020) | All Elite Wrestling


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AEW Dynamite rolls on, our last segment here is the weigh-in for Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho! First, we introduce a special guest to be the moderator of this thing, Gary Michael Cappetta! A legendary ring announcer that has history with WWF, AWA and WCW. He gets the crowd going and introduces Jon Moxley who comes out from the crowd to a big ovation. And then, Le Champion. The singalong for Judas is perhaps louder than ever. They’re hanging the Moxley/Jericho poster from the rafters just to really get that big fight feel going. The Inner Circle, labelled the Painmaker Posse for this, make their way out.

Gary then asks Mr. Jericho if he would mind stepping on the scale but Jericho calls him a weird little man. Says he knows he’s an announcing legend but judging by his technique it’s no wonder WCW went out of business. Big heat, Cappetta looks very offensive. Jericho says in Le Champion’s world, the Painmaker always goes last. Gary apologizes and has Moxley start instead. He gives a thumbs up and slowly removes his shoes and shirt. “Moxley” chant kicks up as he makes his way to the scale. The official weight for Jon Moxley is 234 lbs. That’s pretty big for him.

Now, it’s Chris Jericho’s turn.

He steps up onto the scale but then has to get off to hand his title away, teases it again but then takes off his glasses… and then again as he takes off the bandana. Crowd is giving him grief. Jericho tells Kansas City to shut their ass. Big heat. The crowd clearly does not want to shut it’s ass. Big Kansas City Chiefs warcry kicks up. So Jericho insults the Chiefs too and the heat is immense. “Asshole” chant. Jericho finally has shirt and shoes off… before he gets up onto the scale he gets in Moxley’s face. Mox gets him with a headbutt! The Inner Circle swarms on Moxley, Jericho’s gotten busted open, bleeding from between the eyes!

As the Inner Circle keeps stomping on Mox, in comes Dustin Rhodes, beelining for Hager! They fight up the crowd and into the concourse! Hager gets Dustin with a low blow and throws him right into the wall! Slams him into the Dippin’ Dots! Chant of “Dippin’ Dots”! And again out comes Darby Allin, huge pop as he takes the skateboard to Santana but this time Sammy Guevara catches him with a high knee! Breaks the skateboard over Darby’s head!! This is sheer madness, Moxley fighting to his feet now and him and Jericho come face to face… the brawl commences!! Jericho hits the ropes, Mox wants the Paradigm Shift but a low blow from Ortiz stops him, Jericho with the Judas Effect! Steals Moxley’s move, Paradigm Shift onto the scale! The heat is immense as we go off the air! Insane finish.

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