Dakota Kai def. Tegan Nox | WWE NXT TakeOver Portland Results


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NXT TakeOver: Portland rolls on! Tegan Nox comes out for the street fight with Dakota Kai – but Kai jumps her from behind! They fight into the crowd, Nox takes the advantage and spears her hard through the barrier! Takes her up onto her shoulders, Kai reverses into a Tornado DDT! Throws her into the ring, bell rings!

Street Fight: Dakota Kai vs. Tegan Nox

Kai covers for an immediate nearfall! Drags Nox to the outside and smashes her into the steps, throwing a few sets of trash cans into the ring! Pulls a Cricket Bat out from under the ring?! Swings it at her but Nox ducks and Kai shatters the bat against the ring post! Nox leaps from the steps to plow right through Kai with a flying clothesline! Nox picks up a trash can, puts it over Kai’s torso, charges for an inverted senton of all things, crashing through the can! Throws her into the ring and covers her for a 2 count! Nox rolls from the ring and pulls a table from the ring for a great cheap pop!

Sets it up at ringside, goes to the apron and hooks Kai for a suplex! Kai blocks, forearms her. Slips to the floor, baits Nox, she charges but gets taken onto the apron – BLASTS HER WITH A TRASH CAN LID! Man, I know for a fact those lids ain’t dangerous but it sure was made to look like it there, helluva shot! Kai throws Nox into the ring, grinds a boot against her throat. Kai takes her onto the apron in front of the table, charges for a big boot but Nox avoids it, gets her with a series of solid roundhouse kicks to the face! Back in the ring, she sends the trash can crashing on her back! Brutal German Suplex onto the can, flattening it! Cover for a nearfall!

Nox wants her Shiniest Wizard but Kai counters, Chiropractor for a nearfall!!

Nox rolls to the apron, Kai up top, comes off but Nox catches her by the throat out of the air! Kai fights back though, driving knee takes Nox to the floor! Kai wants a running kick but Nox catches her leg, trips her facefirst onto the apron! Kai slips into the ring, Nox up top but a running big boot stops her! Kai pursues, but Nox gets her with a Chokeslam that takes her to the mat! Comes off the top with a Molly-Go-Round for a nearfall!! Let’s Go Tegan chant! Tegan sits up a chair, puts Kai’s face between it, charges for a running kick but Dakota barely avoids it! Throws the chair at her, making her catch it for a hopping big boot, taking the chair into her face!

Kai puts Nox against the post, takes out duct tape to bind her to the turnbuckle! Charging pump kick nailed! And a second one, hits hard enough that she’s separated from the post! Kai takes up a laptop or something and takes it over to Nox but she stops it – smashes her right in the injured knee with it! Takes up a chain from under the ring! Rolls it up and smashes it wickedly into the knee again and again! Takes up a chair and wraps it around Dakota’s bum leg and stomps it! Shiniest Wizard!! But Nox refuses to cover, she wants to do more damage!

Goes to the outside and slides a table into the ring! Nox stomps Dakota and puts her onto the table! Takes up the chair and wraps it around her neck!!! Tegan Nox going up top now… but Raquel Gonzalez comes out to stop her? Clobbers Nox and throws Kai off of the table. Gonzalez to the top rope, Chokeslam from the top rope and Nox just slams into the table, it does not break! Kai crawls onto Nox and covers for the win!

Winner: Dakota Kai

That was literally great right up until Raquel Gonzalez came in, though the botch there might’ve had more to do with Nox than her so I won’t hold it against her too much. Afterwards, Dakota Kai is trying to back off from Gonzalez but she helps her to her feet and raises her hand.

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