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AEW Dark now has but one match left. The main event sees Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall team up to face off with Shawn Spears and Peter Avalon!

Before that, we see Dustin and QT being interviewed backstage. QT says it’s an honor and a privilege to team up with a legend like Dustin Rhodes. QT is being embraced as a member of the Nightmare Family. Dustin promises a secret weapon to combat the likes of Leva Bates and Tully Blanchard.

The heels make their entrance. Spears has a shirt on that reads “Take It Personally”. I have no idea what I’m supposed to get out of that. Peter wants to do his cheap heat promo but Dustin’s theme quickly cuts him off. Dustin and QT come out and Brandi Rhodes is backing them up, she’s their secret weapon. Tully in the ring to confront Brandi, makes like he’s gonna jump her but the ref stops him, Dustin has to force him to back off.

Shawn Spears & Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates & Tully Blanchard vs. Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall w/ Brandi Rhodes

QT and Avalon start us off. Lock-up, Peter gets a side headlock. QT reverses but takes an arm drag. Avalon shushes him. QT with an uppercut takes him right to the mat! Tag to Dustin, double teams from both, Standing Mariposa from QT, Dustin covers for a 2 count! Avalon breaks free of the arm wringer, rushes over to tag Shawn Spears. Shawn gets Dustin in a headlock, hangs on in spite of attempts to shoot him off. Second attempt works but Spears gets him with a shoulder tackle, Cartwheel evasion, he makes like he’s gonna give the 10 but stops himself! Crowd chants “10” to try and bait him into it.

He once again starts playing it up but instead does the Goldust Inhale to mock Dustin, who responds with the violent hiss. Dustin Rhodes Uppercut sends Spears in the corner where he begs off. He tells the ref he’s got a loose tooth, but it’s just a distraction as he takes control of Dustin in the corner, starts the Corner Ten Punches but he doesn’t want to give the crowd the satisfaction so he just stops. Dustin reverses him, and he gets the Ten Punches instead! Spears staggers towards him but Dustin just gives him one jab after another! Avalon tries to come in, but QT cuts him off, punches in sync! Wind-up uppercut, both heels sent to the outside! Chant of “Dusty” after that little nod!

Spears tags in Avalon, Dustin tags in QT, Marshall ducks a clothesline and gives him a massive heymaker in retribution for their last match. Spears gets a knee into his back off a whip, distracts him. QT gets Avalon with a back elbow when he charges and knocks Spears off the apron too, hits the ropes but Leva grabs him by the ankle, letting Avalon knock him to the floor! Tag to Spears, who sends QT into the barricade. Back Suplex takes QT onto the apron! Tag back to Avalon who stomps him to the mat, shoots him to the ropes for a Spinning Heel Kick for a nearfall! Spears tags in, scoop slam! Takes up a bottle of water and takes a drink, tosses it aside and spits the water in QT’s face!

Marshall with an uppercut from the mat, Spears grabs a kick but an enziguri takes him to the mat! Simultaneous tags to Dustin and Avalon, Dustin with clotheslines to both heels, Dustin Uppercut off the back body drop attempt! Power whip to the corner, rebounds into a Snap Powerslam! Spears comes in, avoids one powerslam, Dustin avoids a high knee, Snap Powerslam works the second time! Now he’s setting Avalon up for the Unnatural Kick! Spears blind tags in though, Spinebuster nailed! QT comes in though, Backbreaker/Flatliner on Avalon! Charges Spears but a back body drop sends him to the floor! Dustin with an inside cradle on Spears for a 2 count, Spears wants his C-4 but Dustin escapes, toe kick, Code Red for a nearfall!

Rhodes gets the crowd clapping along with him. Takes Shawn up top, Leva hands him a loaded book, Spears takes him to the mat with a shot of it, Twisting Frog Splash for a nearfall! Wants the C-4 but Avalon blind tags himself in, Spears releases Dustin and asks why he did this. Avalon staggers into the ring, Spears lays him out with a punch. Makes his leave as the crowd hassles him with “10”! It was right after the announced ten minute mark by the way. Dustin once again has Avalon in the corner for the Unnatural Kick! Leva grabs Dustin by the ankle and he actually pulls her into the ring with him! Leva gets up and yells at him, distracting the ref! In comes Brandi Rhodes, takes Leva out with a spear! As the ref deals with them, Dustin gets Avalon with the Unnatural Kick! Inverted Dominator/Cutter combo from Dustin and QT gets the win!

Winners: Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall

Fun fluff match, which is what they seem to want for AEW Dark main events now. QT gets his first win on record, and Dustin made to look very strong ahead of his match with Jake Hager.

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