Former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions The Iconics Raise Nearly 10k For Wildfires

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In Australia, there was recently a horrific wildfire which swept across a large portion of the country. It did unimaginable damage to the affected region, destroyed habitats and forced people out of their homes. Because of this, there were many who were trying to find ways to pitch in and join the relief efforts. This includes Peyton Royce & Billie Kay, the former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. The Iconics, despite no support from WWE, were able to raise close to ten thousand dollars for the wildfire relief effort.

How Did The Iconics Pull This Off?

While they could have simply traveled to Japan and bullied their old friend in KENTA to give them to money, they instead took to social media. They would sell off some of their ring worn gear, as well as autographed figurines using eBay.

Peyton Royce took to Twitter to let everyone know what her half of the donation would be used for. “I have donated 100% of my Ebay auction to the families of Volunteer Fire Fighters Sam McPaul, Geoffrey Keaton & Andrew O’Dwyer who lost their lives fighting the Australia Fires. They left behind young & unborn children. Their bravery & courage is heroic. May they Rest In Peace.”

This is an incredibly heartwarming thing to see, and shows how tragedies can bring people closer together as much as they can tear them apart. She included screenshots of the donation confirmations, with any personal info blacked out.

No Direct Promotion From WWE

Despite being a company who will do just about anything to get positive press, this is something WWE stayed away from. Despite digging through their social media accounts, no trace of WWE promoting their stars raising money for this tragedy was found. While in the end, Peyton & Billie would be able to raise a great amount of money, it would have been even better had their employer boosted the message.

Billie & Peyton will likely not get any benefit from WWE for this selfless act, but that probably wasn’t what they were looking to do. They set out to help out their home in a nasty situation, and at the end of the day, they did great. This is truly an Iconic moment for them.

Do you feel WWE should have helped to promote this auction held by Peyton Royce and Billie Kay? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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