Good Days Are Coming for the Colons and WWC


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World Wrestling Council (WWC) can do no wrong in 2020. The company bounced back from a Niagra of disasters from 2017- 2019. From an average of 100 fans, the company is already bringing 300 fans per show (and growing). So, what has changed?

Primo and Epico are in charge

In WWE, the Colons were legacy wrestlers, unused and doing jobs. In WWC things are different. His father and partner, Victor Jovica, left the management to them. The legendary promotion still has a television program, which made it easier for the Colons to try new ideas.

Immediately, Epico’s rise as La Pesadilla (the alter ego of Epico, known as The Nightmare) proved to be the right decision. He became the Universal Champion, which historically has been the main belt of the Colons. With it, they brought wrestlers that were in exile. Mesias and Mecha Wolf 450, two former main champions of the company and arguably the best international talent that Puerto Rico has to offer, returned to the company.

Later on, it was the ex NBA and BSN basketball star, Peter John Ramos that was brought in as an experiment. Peter John was once scouted by WWE, but it remained superficial. Now, the giant, 7’3″ to be exact, is wowing fans and having common fans watch products.

Willingness to Work a Modern Style

Have you ever watched a WWC match? It is hurtful, to say the least. The company relies too much on the old, territory days style. But, with the second generation of Colons at home, things are quickly changing. Guys like Mecha Wolf 450, Justin Dynamite, and Bellito are making the WWC watchable. Moreover, Epico is already working with a more international talent, which was the case for Texano Jr.

The image of the vintage WWC letters was replaced with a fresh image. The TV now looks modern and with a sense of logic in following the stories. Moreover, new talent is being brewed in the lower card.

The WWC-IWA PR alliance

The word, “alliance”, is too short to describe the plea for the help of the IWA PR to WWC. Savio Vegas and his project, IWA, has been on track to become another statistic of disastrous competition to WWC. The company is facing financial problems and has a chaotic story on their booking. It became logical that, when things went south, they would ask for help from the WWC.

It’s not clear who asked who, but looking at the state of the IWA PR, it seems that the Savio Vega company needs it more than the Colons. That doesn’t mean that the latter doesn’t know the benefits of the alliance. The Colons will bring the IWA PR fans once again to their rows and finally monopolize (once again), pro wrestling in Puerto Rico. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to find that WWC in the spring will do at least 1,500 fans shows.


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