Hangman Page & Kenny Omega def. SCU | AEW Dynamite Results | All Elite Wrestling


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Hangman Page & Kenny Omega def. SCU | AEW Dynamite Results | All Elite Wrestling

AEW Dynamite is on here tonight! The show opens up with a big tag title match, Hangman Page & Kenny Omega defending against SCU! Loud chant of “Cowboy Sh*t” before the bell… and a video from the Dark Order, wishing the best of luck for tonight. The Dark Order is watching and they are preparing for the arrival of the Exalted One and when the time is right, they will strike. Christopher Daniels leaves ringside to go check out what’s going on backstage.

AEW World Tag Team Championships: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega (c) vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky)

Frankie gets Kenny in a headlock to start with. Kenny shoots him off, shoulder tackle by Kazarian. Omega with a couple of armdrags. Frankie with a whip, Scorpio gets a knee to the back of Kenny in and the crowd doesn’t like that at all. Scorpio Sky has to explain himself to Kenny after that one. Frankie tries for the cheap roll-up, Kenny kicks out and kicks Scorpio off the apron! Wants a springboard but Frankie pulls him away, another roll-up for a two count, drop toe hold takes Kenny to the ropes where Sky gets another kick in, Frankie with a back suplex and knocks Hangman off the apron. Tag to Scorpio Sky, big boot from Frankie, Jumping Flatliner to Omega, cover for a nearfall. They want SCU Later but Hangman stops that, clotheslines Kazarian to the floor, Omega sends Scorpio flying into a German Suplex!

They look to setup a Buckshot but Frankie gets Hangman off the apron.

Omega with a rana to Scorpio sends him out, and he knocks Kazarian to the floor as well. Wants the Terminator Dive, Scorpio grabs an ankle though, hits a tope of his own to take out Hangman, but that sets up the Terminator Dive from Omega getting both members of SCU! Big chant of “Kenny”! He takes them into the ring, goes up top, missile dropkick to the back of Scorpio Sky! Fisherman’s Buster for a nearfall! Tag to Hangman now, legal for the first time. Double team on Kazarian, Big Boot sets up to Kitaro Crusher!

Hangman whips Scorpio to the ropes for a Fallaway Slam and a kip-up! You Can’t Escape, Hangman with a moonsault first, Kenny tries one too but Scorpio gets the knees up! Kazarian sends Page off the second rope and into the barricade! Kazarian tags in and drives Kenny to the SCU corner. Kenny gets taken to the outside, Scorpio slams Kenny into the barrier and tosses him back in. Kazarian with a Springboard Leg Drop. Scorpio tags in, stands on the back of Kenny to grind him against the ropes, more boos in the process. Kenny tries to fight back, gets a chop in, hits the ropes, eats the Kitchen Sink knee! Tag to Kazarian, charging crossbody for a nearfall! Bodyscissor cinched in now!

Kenny makes his way to his feet with Kazarian still on his back! He slams him to the mat to break the hold! SCU still isolating him, but he escapes and makes the hot tag to Hangman Page! Big chops to each, driving big boot to Kazarian! Scorpio with a boot up in the corner, comes off the second rope but a big boot takes him out of the air! Cowboy Sh*t chant as he clotheslines them both, Scorpio gets on Hangman’s shoulders, he just slings him off for a Standing Moonsault! Nearfall! Wants a Buckshot, Scorpio ducks and Kazarian lays him out with a lariat, Scorpio covers for the nearfall! Assisted Tornado DDT!

Kazarian with a backstabber, Scorpio with a springboard cutter, Kenny flies in and Kazarian gives him a cutter as well! Inverted Dragon Sleepers locked in but the ref isn’t allowing this, Kenny pivots to shove Frankie into Scorpio! “This Is Awesome”, Kenny with a V-Trigger to Kazarian, Snap Dragon to Scorpio! Stands Kazarian up, Buckshot but it’s ducked as Scorpio holds Kenny’s leg, Powerbomb from Hangman to Kazarian, Driving Knee to the back of the head from Kenny as Hangman with a suicide dive to Scorpio! Buckshot/V-Trigger nailed and Kenny covers, Frankie grabs the bottom rope at the last second but the ref misses it and counts the three!

Winner: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page

Interesting finish there, and a pretty damn cool match as always!

Afterwards, out comes the Dark Order. Best Friends are out to back up SCU. The Butcher and the Blade and the Hybrid-2 are here too, hyping up that tag team battle royal next week… and here come the Young Bucks! A big brawl ensues! Butcher takes out both of the Best Friends but the Bucks get some double dropkicks and an assisted one as well to take the mercs out and they stand tall!Not only that, but they leap off the top ropes to lay out everybody on the floor!

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