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AEW Dynamite continues as we’ve got a tag title match on tap! Hangman Page & Kenny Omega defend against the Lucha Bros! Big fight ring introductions for this one. Big “Ciero Miedo” and “Cowboy Sh*t” chants as we’re about to begin.

AEW World Tag Team Championships: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega (c) vs. Lucha Bros (Rey Fenix & Pentagon Jr.)

Hangman and Fenix start us off. Page is jabbering at him, Fenix stops that with a combination of blows, Page wants to back suplex him but he escapes, hits the ropes, springs up for a rana but Page blocks it, tosses him to his feet, big boot lays him out! Tag to Omega, double whip, kicks to the gut and face, Page with a running big boot leading to a Kitaro Crusher from Omega for a 2 count! Kenny with a Ribbreaker for a 2 count! Tag to Page for a kick to the gut. Fenix chops him a few times but one chop in response lays him out!

Page deadlifts him for a Pumphandle Fallaway Slam, bridge, but Pentagon comes in to break it up, Omega swiftly in to toss him right out. Omega tags in, Page with a back elbow to Fenix sends him to Kenny who gets him with the You Can’t Escape combo, Page assisting with a moonsault of his own and also keeps Penta from breaking the pin up, Fenix kicks out though. Pentagon tags in and the Lucha Bros take the advantage, chopping them in the corners, whip reversed, Lucha Bros with assisted kicks to both men, Fenix with a headscissor takes Hangman to the outside, Pentagon with an assisted Cannonball on Kenny, Fenix with a charging dropkick to the head! Lucha Bros posing, crowd behind them!

Commercial break, match continues in the inset. Fenix targets the wrist of Omega as he holds him down with a chinlock, clobbers the back of his neck. Double Leg, holds him in place as Penta gets him with a second rope dropkick to the backside. Pentagon tags in, shoots him to the ropes, thrust kick nails him. Page tries to come in to help but the ref catches him. Inset disappears. We come back to see Lucha Bros working Kenny over in the middle of the ring, he fights his way out of it, Penta stops him with leg kicks to get him down. Fenix hits the ropes, wants a Rolling Thunder but Kenny gets the knees up! Page was taken out during commercial apparently. Pentagon shoots Kenny off the ropes, Omega leaps into a crazy Tornado DDT to retake the advantage!

Hangman Page makes the tag!

He’s in hot, ripping Penta with chops. Shoulder block plows trhrough him, big boot takes Fenix off the apron, Fallaway Slam on Pentagon into the kip-up, pescado to Fenix, hits the ropes for a sliding lariat to Pentagon! Nearfall! Tags Kenny back in. Double whip takes Penta to the corner, Fenix tries to stop him, they whip him as well but he floats over, Penta gets a few shots in but the Slingblade is countered with a Discus Elbow from Page, German Suplex! Kenny tosses Fenix but he gets a Cutter on Page out of the air, Fenix pops Penta up for a mid-air Destroyer on Kenny! “This Is Awesome” chant! Kenny and Penta fighting on the apron now! Exchange of elbows! Pentagon gets him with a chop and Kenny responds!

Enziguri kick lands flush on Omega! Pentagon signals the Cero Miedo, Kenny gets him with a V-Trigger but Fenix surprises him with a rope run kick! Pentagon hooks him for the Package Piledriver onto the apron but Kenny back body drops to avoid it, Fenix with a springboard headscissor takedown sending him flying onto the floor! Page with a triangle moonsault taking out Fenix! Page tags in, Discus Lariat to Pentagon for a nearfall! Page tags Omega in in spite of what bad shape he’s in, double whip but Penta fights out, Slingblade to Page! Rey Fenix gets Omega with a missile dropkick! Page superkicks Fenix but gets one of his own! Pop-Up Powerbomb to Pentagon, V-Trigger to the back of the head from Omega! Fenix ducks under a clothesline, handspring, Omega holds him in place, Page tries for the Buckshot Lariat but Fenix avoids it and nails Omega!!!

Page is sent outside, Penta holds Omega in place for a running big boot from Fenix, suicide dive takes Page down as Pentagon hits the Pentagon Driver on Omega! NEARFALL!! That one had me for sure, “AEW” chant! Kenny takes Pentagon down, V-Trigger out of the air to a flying Fenix, Tiger Driver ’98 for a nearfall! Kenny wants the One Winged Angel, Fenix escapes it and sends Kenny backwards, Page with the blind tags! V-Trigger/Buckshot Lariat combo gets the win!

Winners: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega

Man, you talk about holding onto the titles by a thread. That was as narrow a victory as you can get with a decisive finish. Great, great stuff. Young Bucks make their way out, Kenny is torn between celebrating with them and Page as Hangman leaves the ring and drinks his beer at ringside as always.

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