Hangman Page & Kenny Omega vs. SCU | AEW Dynamite Preview (2/12/20) | All Elite Wrestling


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It’s that time again everybody! It’s that special time of the week… Wednesday night, meaning another chapter in the Wednesday Night Wars! AEW Dynamite brings us a big tag team title rematch as SCU looks to reclaim the gold from Hangman Page & Kenny Omega! Jordan Huie here, you are with us at the Overtimer where you’ll be getting full coverage of the event as it happens, just like you do every week!

That includes recaps and results posted moments after the conclusion of each segment, plus a preview of everything that’s been announced for the show! Which as usual, is a fair bit in Dynamite’s case! Just got the main event now and the show is 20 minutes away from starting as I type this, so let’s wrap this up!

AEW World Tag Team Championships: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega (c) vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky)

It is to date, the most surprising result in any match we’ve seen in AEW thus far, atleast for my money. Hangman Page & Kenny Omega are both big staples of AEW individually, but they really didn’t feel like a long-term team. I mean the whole time, Hangman’s been making it very clear that he doesn’t even really consider himself a member of the Elite anymore, after actively telling them that he was leaving it months ago. And he’s also gone through some pretty severe alcohol issues, which have further concerned and alienated his friends. Plus he can’t help but needle the Young Bucks about not being champs yet, something that also isn’t endearing him any.

It was always the idea to turn him heel eventually, but this act has only gotten him more popular and they know that. So now I kinda think the turn isn’t happening, and that once the inevitable Omega/Page vs. Bucks match happens, and perhaps a brief Hangman/Omega feud follows, they’ll make up afterwards. It’s my personal theory that Marty Scurll was meant to take part in this angle and that perhaps the two of them would form an Anti-Elite group. With Marty not signing with them after all, plans probably had to change anyway. So it works out. I think this change is part of why they were okay with putting the tag titles on them. And until we get that Bucks match, they’re not losing them. Champs retain.

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