Hikaru Shida def. Big Swole, Shanna & Yuka Sakazaki | AEW Dynamite Results | All Elite Wrestling


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AEW Dynamite rages on following that tag match and the ensuing announcement! Now, we have a fatal four way match between Hikaru Shida, Big Swole, Shanna and Yuka Sakazaki!

Hikaru Shida vs. Big Swole vs. Shanna vs. Yuka Sakazaki

Swole shushes everyone, flexes, ducks Shida, Shanna gets Hikaru with an arm drag, Swole reverses an arm drag as Yuka cheers her on! Hikaru with a roll-up for 1, inside cradle for 1, Shanna with a rana on both women! Yuka poses, ready to fight! But all three get her with a charging big boot, some heat for that one! Shanna wants a Test of Strength on Shida! Swole hooks them for it too! Yuka just watches from the apron. Swole overpowers them both… Yuka walks under the arms and stomps Swole’s feet! Dropkicks Shanna and Shida, bypasses Shanna but Swole lays Yuka out with a shoulder block!

Shanna deposits Swole, Shida shoots her to the ropes, gets her on her shoulders, Shanna with a sunset flip, roll up attempts from all four women! Shida with an enziguri to Yuka, Shanna with a charging forearm to Shida! Swole with uppercuts to Shanna until she tosses her to the apron, Swole tries to spring in but eats a superkick! Commercial break, match continues in the inset. Shanna wants a suicide dive but Shida blocks her with a knee knee! Takes up the chair from under the ring and sits it up. Wants her springing chair hop but Swole stops her with a big boot out of the air! Throws the chair away, I imagine she’s getting booed quite a bit here.

Shanna takes down Swole, Yuka with a Pescado taking them both out!! Throws Shanna into the ring, covers for 2. Charging back elbow in the corner, she goes up top… turns this into a Tarantula-like maneuver for the length of the five count! Shanna fights back, exchange of punches, Yuka hits the ropes, Shanna with a Tilt-A-Whirl Side Slam for a 2 count! Double Underhook Suplex attempted but Shida pulls Yuka away, spins her to hit Shanna in the head. Gets Yuka in the corner, hooks Shanna, Snap Suplexes her onto Yuka’s side in the corner! “Shida” chant!

Swole in to take her out, big thrust kick to Yuka, headbutt to Shanna! Gets taken to the apron, WWE Headkick, Springing Cutter for a nearfall! Shida goes up top, Swole wants a Powerbomb but gets stopped with a missile dropkick! Sliding Lariat from Yuka to Shida for a nearfall, Shanna breaks it up, Angel’s Wings for a nearfall! Yuka and Shida get Shanna to the top rope for a double team superplex attempt but they both get hooked in the Tree of Woe, Double Footstomp takes them both out! Dirty Dancing from Big Swole to Shanna! Tries it on Shida too but she gets her with a big backbreaker! Running knee to the face of Swole, Springboard Splash from Yuka! Falcon Arrow sends Yuka onto Swole, covers them both for a nearfall! Hits the ropes for a running knee strike to Swole and covers her for the win!

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Hoo, that one was a mile-a-minute. I’m used to covering that by now, though. Always a good idea to give Hikaru Shida a victory, also nice to see Yuka get featured a little more too.

The Dark Order announce that at Revolution, they will face SCU and Christopher Daniels will truly find that he is obsolete.

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