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AEW Dynamite continues after that promo! Jeff Cobb is out to make his debut against Jon Moxley, big one here! Chris Jericho also makes his way out with Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager by his side, they have ringside seats tonight.

Jeff Cobb vs. Jon Moxley

Immediately, Cobb with the overhead belly to belly suplex! Forearm, chop! Whips him to the ropes, standing dropkick sends him to the outside! Pursues as Mox tries to get his wits about him. Moxley with a kick to the gut, tries to fight back but Cobb swings in response to much more effect. Slams Moxley’s face into the steps and throws him into the ring. Moxley dropkicks him off the apron, tope takes him out! But Cobb’s up first! Takes them back into the ring, clobbers Mox into the mat, stands on his back. Mox with chops, Cobb stops that with a power whip into the corner!

“Let’s Go Moxley” chant as Cobb holds him down with a chinlock. Mox fights up, knee lifts to the gut, hits the ropes but runs into a back elbow. Rolls to the apron, Cobb kicks him off it and he rams into the barricade. Commercial break but the match continues in the inset as Moxley is laid out on the floor. Cobb goes out there and drives him into the apron! Mox trying to avoid him, rolls back in and out of the ring. Jeff Cobb gets him with a forearm though, throws him into the barricade, sending him into the front row!

Jeff distracts the ref as Jericho slams his title onto Moxley!

Cobb pulls him up and chops his chest! Throws him into the ring, rips the tape from his lower back. Strangling him with it now! Cobb with a waistlock as we get back, Mox elbows his way out of it, tries a crossbody but Cobb catches him, almost gets a Tour Of The Islands but Moxley escapes it and takes him to the apron, hangs a leg up on the bottom rope, dropkick to the shin! Slams his leg into the ring post! Cobb pulls him up, gets him with a wild swinging Back Suplex for a nearfall!

Mox with a sleeper hold, Cobb slams him into the corner to break it. Wants a German but Mox rolls it into a heelhook attempt, Cobb grabs the rope to break it and rolls to the floor. Jon Moxley up top now! Flies at him but Cobb catches him out of the air, Overhead Belly To Belly sends him flying right onto the floor! Cobb pulls him into the ring, Oklahoma Stampede for a nearfall! Wants an Olympic Slam but Mox escapes, gets the boot up, Flying Knee from the second rope! And a running knee now! Hits the ropes, Cobb ducks a shot for a German Suplex! But Mox bounces right back up for a lariat to take him down! Chant of “Moxley”!

Exchange of forearms, Mox wins out and hits the ropes but Cobb gets him with a thrust kick! No sells a clothesline and one of his own takes Moxley right out! Tries for Tour Of The Islands, Mox escapes and tries for the Paradigm Shift but Cobb tosses him to the corner, charging uppercut! Mox rolls to the apron. Cobb on the middle rope, powers him to the top, Deadlift Superplex! But Mox with a surprise cradle on the landing and gets the flash win!

Winner: Jon Moxley

But Moments later, Jericho, Hager and Guevara rush into the ring! It’s a four on one beatdown! But Dustin Rhodes is out here to help, takes it to Jake Hager! Numbers catch up to him though! Lights go out… Darby Allin is here, big pop! First appearance since Guevara took the skateboard into his throat! He skates his way down the ramp and nails the Inner Circle members with his skateboard! He sends Jericho, Hager and Guevara running! Cobb tries a German Suplex but Darby flips and lands on his feet! Smacks Cobb in the back with the skateboard and Moxley is up to get him with the Paradigm Shift! Now Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho finally standing face to face! They start to brawl! Mox sends Jericho to the ropes and he takes the opportunity to bail!

Darby then shows us the signs in the inset after a commercial. Makes it clear to Sammy that at AEW Revolution, Guevara is finished, the Inner Circle is finished, Mox will win the title but Darby will take Sammy’s voice, his livelihood and he will hit… him… up! Tears the sign apart.

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