Jon Moxley def. Santana | AEW Dynamite Results | All Elite Wrestling


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Jon Moxley def. Santana | AEW Dynamite Results | All Elite Wrestling

AEW Dynamite has been a big, newsworthy show thus far and now we have but the main event here to come! We see a video of PAC promising Kenny’s downfall of course. That leads us to An Eye For An Eye… Santana against Jon Moxley! And of course Le Champion Chris Jericho is watching from the skybox and the crowd singalongs with a lot more lyrics this time around! And Moxley gets a special camera shot showing him make his way into the arena, very cool!

Eye For An Eye: Santana vs. Jon Moxley

Before the bell, Santana takes the fight to Moxley from the barrier! Mox pulls him in, Santana and Moxley brawling and Ortiz is pursuing! Santana bringing the forearms, charges but a back body drop sends him over the barricade! He comes into ringside and takes him into a different barrier! Big chop! They each roll into the ring and the bell rings! Mox with some chops, driving forearms, knee to the gut, hits the ropes but Santana with a back elbow! Moxley clotheslines him over the top rope! Goes up top, Flying Double Axehandle to the floor! Santana with a drop toe hold to the steps! Neck crank, he’s trying to put the eye on the steps but Mox fights out of it. Santana with a baseball slide! Ortiz lets us know they’re the best as we go to commercial break!

Brawl continues into the ring, Santana with the corner elbows! Moxley tries to fight out but eats an enziguri! Santana gets him in a chinlock. Mox fights his way up, big forearms. Whip reversed but he gets a clothesline anyway! Santana with a kick to the face on a back body drop attempt. Mox ducks a shot, backslide, into an Fujiwara Armbar! Santana rolls out and kicks him away! Mox slips behind him, Release German Suplex, crunching! “Let’s Go Moxley” chant, as he charges and a low dropkick drives him into the corner! Santana charges, Mox zips up, they both miss shots, roll-through Cutter from Santana for a nearfall!

Stalling Piledriver for a nearfall, that one was brutal!

Santana up top, frog splash, Mox with the knees up! Ortiz on the apron with the loaded sock… referee catches him though! Santana charges but Mox counters him with a roll-up for a nearfall, Santana with a big superkick but Mox responds with a wicked lariato! Jon Moxley going to the top rope now, Santana distracts the ref and Ortiz spits a ton of beer into the good eye of Mox! Dancing with a flask! Santana with a cannonball senton! Heads to the top rope, and there’s the frog splash! Clooose nearfall! Mox trying to fight his way up, swings and misses, he’s all messed up now. Santana holds him up and mocks him, Moxley drives a thumb into Santana’s bad eye! They’re both fighting blind here – Mox is able to find him in time to kick him in the gut, Paradigm Shift!

Winner: Jon Moxley

But immediately after, Ortiz rushes the ring to nail him with the loaded sock! And the rest of the Inner Circle comes down from the crowd, they’re all pummeling him now! Gets another shot from the sock and Jericho whipping him with the AEW world title belt! They hold him in place, running low blow from Hager!

And now… Jeff Cobb is here!! Into the ring, big Tour Of The Islands lays him out! I didn’t think he was actually here, wild! That’s gonna be a crazy match and a crazy show next week!

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