Lio Rush def. Angel Garza | WWE NXT Results


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Lio Rush def. Angel Garza | WWE NXT Results

The title picture for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship is heating up. Champion Jordan Devlin has the best of the best breathing down his neck, and two former holders of the championship would reignite their rivalry as they fought for another shot at the title. This would be Angel Garza and Lio Rush, who brought much needed life back to the division with a series of fantastic matches in the fall of 2019.

Both men have a great claim to be the first challenger to Jordan Devlin, and the only way to decide who is more worthy is simple. They would enter the ring once again, and prove who is better.

Lio Rush defeats Angel Garza

As soon as this match was annouced, fans knew to be ready for the match of the night. Their past encounters were always highlights of whatever show they were on. The insane speed and determination of Lio Rush matches up beautifully with the technical mastery and mind games of Angel Garza. Last time they clashed, Garza got into the head of Rush and used that to ensure victory. Lio Rush entered this match more focused than ever, wanting the spotlight of the championship once again.

Angel Garza wouldn’t wait to get into high gear, immediately pulling his pants off and rushing into battle to get the advantage before slowing down the pace to what he is most comfortable at. He knew the trick to Lio Rush was to stop him from getting too much momentum, making this a smart plan. It didn’t prove to be a perfect plan however, with Rush managing to break free and run wild all over Full Sail University.

This burst of momentum would put the match in the favor of Lio Rush, and he would pick away at Angel Garza with swift stikes. Garza would eventually find himself on the mat, and Rush would go for his signature frog splash only to meet the knees of Garza. Garza would attempt to hit The Wing Clipper, only to be countered into a rollup which would grant Rush victory.

Jordan Devlin would come down after the dust settled to take a look at his challenger. The confidence of a champion was clear in the face of Devlin, and it will not be easy for Rush to regain the NXT Cruiserweight Championship next week.

Do you think Lio Rush will be able to regain his Championship? Will Jordan Devlin retain over his first challenger? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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