MJF def. Jungleboy | AEW Dynamite Results | All Elite Wrestling


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MJF def. Jungleboy | AEW Dynamite Results | All Elite Wrestling

AEW Dynamite rolls on! Chris Jericho with the Inner Circle in a pre-taped interview. Chris says when Jon Moxley took the keys that he stole and stuck them in the eyes of Santana, it proved that he was human garbage. But he does have a surprise, says he scoured the globe to find an assassin, a bounty hunter and a hitman. Says if he somehow survives against Santana, next week… he’ll be facing Jeff Cobb! Holy crap!! Says he’ll see Mox in Hell and now we get a video for Cobb! Daaaamn that’s rad as hell dude! We also see a video of Cody, hyping up his oncoming steel cage match with Wardlow. Brandi Rhodes is on commentary and she gets a chant, which is actually kinda heartwarming to me how quickly people are back on her side. MJF out now for his match with Jungleboy!

Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Jungleboy

Lock-up, big chant for Jungleboy, who gets a drop toe hold into a side headlock. MJF reverses, Jungleboy shoots him off, Max with a shoulderblock. Poses, Jungle nips up behind him! Maxwell hits the ropes, mocks him with a Flair Strut. A few leapfrogs and cartwheels, Max with a legscissor, cradles and bridges exchanged, both men with a kip up and square off as the crowd comes alive! MJF shoves him, Jungle with a big right hand and it sends him all the way outside the ring where he wants a breather!

Max back into the ring. Offers a hand. Jungle just slaps it. Chop to the chest, springing super lucha arm drag! Big dropkick! Chant of Jungleboy, Maxwell takes him to the corner and stomps him down! Goes out and grabs him by the hair, pulls to the floor and throws him into the barrier! Poses for jeers. Arn Anderson is watching backstage. MJF body slams Jungleboy onto the floor! Commercial break, match continues in the inset! Max grinds Jungle’s back on the middle rope. Chinlock, knee to the small of his back! Jungle fights up, hits the ropes, MJF with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker for a nearfall! Power whip to the corner into a back body drop!

Pulls him up, headbutt! Whip to the opposite corner but it’s reversed, Jungle with a back body drop! Big chant for Jungleboy! Kicks Max away, chop to the chest and strike to the face, takes to the corner and hits an uppercut! Favors the back for a moment, Max tries to re-take the advantage but eats a lariat! Max bails, Jungle with the suicide dive! And a second one! Hits the ropes yet again!

Tope con hilo nailed! But that did extra damage to his back!

Crowd is going wild and chanting for Jungle as he pulls MJF into the ring, wants a powerbomb but MJF escapes, tries to get a move of his own but a Poison Rana earns a nearfall! Wants a Piledriver but his back gets the better of him and Max escapes, Jungle wants a float-over in the corner but a superkick stops him! MJF hoists him up, Vertebreaker position, clutching the legs to make it into a submission hold, eventually Jungle escapes with a sunset flip for a nearfall! Flipkick to MJF takes Jungleboy to the to rope! Max crotches him though, then calls out Brandi and suggests she give him head basically. Pursues to the top rope and hooks him, Jungleboy reverses with a Sunset Flip Liger Bomb for a nearfall!!!

Wardlow makes his presence known… hands him the Dynamite Diamond Ring. Jungleboy comes up behind him, Max turns and lays him out with it and the ref couldn’t see it! Hooks him for the Double-Cross and that’s the match!

Winner: MJF

That ruled! Nothing more to say than that, great stuff! Afterwards, Wardlow enters the ring and basically F-5’s Jungleboy! Jurassic Express comes to run them off!

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