Nyla Rose def. Riho | New Women’s Champion | AEW Dynamite Results | All Elite Wrestling


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Nyla Rose def. Riho | New Women's Champion | AEW Dynamite Results | All Elite Wrestling

Tony Schiavone brings out Britt Baker for another interview, wants to ask how she justifies her assault on Yuka Sakazaki last week. Baker says it was her moral obligation to better the dental health of her opponent. Basically says, in overly complicated dentist terms, that her tooth was decayed and was going to fall out anyway, so she did her a favor, giving her a free tooth removal! Picks on Yuka, claiming she can’t possibly have health insurance. But chides Tony as he does, being Mr. Starbucks. Gives him some sarcastic encouragement. Tony asks her about the women’s title match that we’ll be seeing later on tonight. Britt Baker puts over Nyla Rose and Riho’s strengths before of course claiming to be better than either.

Britt Baker insults the fans and puts herself over for having two Plan As, and being the first woman signed to AEW, claims it’s her division. Crowd chants for “Whataburger” after she brought it up and we go to commercial as she gives the upside-down longhorn gesture. Continue to love this turn. And now it’s title match time!

AEW Women’s World Championship: Riho (c) vs. Nyla Rose

Riho with a charging knee at the bell but Nyla just tosses her away. Champ keeps trying to bring the brawl but gets shoved away with ease. Nyla crushes her in the corner. Whip to the opposite corner, charges but Riho evades, roll-up for a 2 count. Ducks a clothesline but Nyla gets her with a brutal body block! Covers, but Riho bridges out of it, wants a running dropkick but just kinda bounces off of her. Nyla wants a Military Press but Riho slips away, keeps trying to send forearms, spinning headscissor takes Nyla to the apron, and a basement dropkick brings her to the floor!

Crowd is way into Riho, she goes up top with a crossbody but Nyla with an awesome catch! Backbreaker, drives her into the apron and rolls her into the ring… stops to look under the ring! Pulls out a table to a big ovation! Sets it up on the outside as the crowd chants for tables…


Commercial break now, match continues in the set, Riho pulls Nyla into the ring. Top rope crossbody for a nearfall! Pulls her to her feet, wants a body slam but Nyla stops that one and gets a slam of her own! Leg drop follows up and she just keeps the leg on her for a nearfall! Pummels her in the corner and poses. Inset just kinda goes away.

Riho rolls out of an arm drag as we come back, dropkick but it’s basically ineffective. Nyla tries for a chokeslam, out of the air Riho counters with a big time Crucifix Bomb! Standing ten count, both women struggling their way up now! Drop toe hold takes Nyla to the middle rope, Tiger Feint Kick but Nyla blocks it, pulls her to the center of the ring, tries to just sit on her but Riho avoids it, basement dropkick for a nearfall! Big Samoan Drop from Nyla though for a very close nearfall!

Drapes Riho on the top rope and goes up in the corner… gets the crazy knee drop to the back of Riho’s head and she just explodes to the mat! Nyla gets real cocky and just presses her hands against her chest for a veeerry close nearfall! Nyla is stunned! Takes Riho up top and pursues, Riho fights out of the superplex attempt but Nyla bites her face to take control! AVALANCHE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Somehow, that’s not the finish!! Exchange of forearms as the crowd chants Riho’s name! Gets her on her shoulders, tries for the One Winged Angel but Riho escapes, SNAP DRAGON! Pulls her up and nails another!! Riho’s got some blood in her mouth but she’s fighting! Wants a V-Trigger but Nyla evades, she slams into the corner!

Nyla Rose wants a powerbomb, but Riho escapes just barely, low dropkick takes her down, a gorgeous Northern Lights Suplex, bridge for a nearfall! This is awesome and the crowd chants just as I was thinking it! Riho up top, double footstomp but NYLA KICKS OUT AT ONE! Nyla tries to get up but collapses again, Riho up top for second stomp! And then, a third, boots right ot the face, cover but Nyla gets the foot on the ropes to break!! Goes to the corner, charges – Nyla clips her with a spear! Sit-Out Powerbomb and we have a new champion!!

Winner: Nyla Rose

Hot dayam that was awesome! I didn’t expect a title change but I ain’t mad at all. Like that, we have our first ever trans champion in the history of mainstream professional wrestling. Also man do these girls have some crazy chemistry, that topped their first by leaps and bounds. Can’t wait for round 3, maybe that’ll be at Revolution now!

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