Nyla Rose Speaks After Winning Women’s Title | AEW Dynamite Results | All Elite Wrestling


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AEW Dynamite continues following Kris Statlander’s victory over Shanna in the last match. Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here to continue giving you the full coverage of the show, recaps and results at the ready!  We see Tony Schiavone on the ramp to talk up the AEW Women’s World title match last week before introducing the winner and new champion, the Native Beast Nyla Rose!

Out she comes with a fiery pyrotechnic entrance and of course with the new title. Tony congratulates her on her victory. Nyla asks the crowd if that’s how they greet her and gets significantly more heat for it. Asks if that’s the greeting for a champion? Says what they sound like to her are a bunch of annoying little bees buzzing around. Lifts up her title and says this is justice. Nyla says she should’ve been the first champion! She should be the highest paid woman in that locker room, she should be the one on all of the posters. But waiting made her hungry. You know what happens when she gets hungry? She breaks bitches!

Says she broke Riho and cut her strings. Tony says Riho showed a lot of courage in that match but Rose grabs the mic from him and says what did courage get her? Nyla represents power! And no matter how much people buzz, she is the Queen Bee in this hive! Claims she will be a one-time champion because nobody will defeat her again, nobody is a beast like her. Sounding very intense here.

Kris Statlander makes her way out!

The alien gives her a boop. Big Swole is up here on the stage too, flexes in front of her. Officials come out to separate Swole and Nyla, quick chant of “Let Them Fight” as Rose is taken to backstage. Then, Swole and Statlander stare each other down instead…

That was pretty cool! I gotta say, one of the things I really hoped AEW would do was bring quality promos back to mainstream professional wrestling, something that I think is kind of natural with simply not using scripts and letting people be themselves. That wasn’t blowaway but it was still noticeably way more real than what you’ll hear out of basically anybody on WWE TV. Kinda hard not to make those comparisons, my apologies. Anyway, neat tease of what’s to come here.

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