Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan def. The Miz & John Morrison | WWE SmackDown Results


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Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan def. The Miz & John Morrison | WWE SmackDown Results

WWE Friday Night SmackDown is capped off with the main event right here, as Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan face off with the Miz and John Morrison!

Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan vs. John Morrison & The Miz

Shoulder block from Roman to start with. Morrison with some legkicks, arm wringer hooked in. He reverses and takes him to the mat. Reigns with an uppercut in the corner. Tag to Bryan, Roman whips him into a big dropkick to Morrison in the corner! Knocks Miz to the floor. Gets the floatover in the corner, ducks a shot from Morrison, suicide dive to the Miz! Knocks Morrison down back in the ring, up top, missile dropkick and kip up! Yes Kicks commence, finishing with a roundhouse to the head! Crowd chanting Bryan’s name as he takes Morrison up top, Super Rana sends him flying! Charges for a dropkick, Morrison evades, takes him to the floor! Distracts the ref, Miz slams Bryan into the barrier!

Roman walks over to confront Miz on the outside, gets in Corbin’s face.

Morrison with a corkscrew tope over the top rope laying Reigns and Bryan out! Commercial break. When we come back, we see some oldschool Miz & Morrison double teaming, takes his knees to the back of Bryan as Morrison hits a springing elbow drop! Bryan fights up into a Jawbreaker! But Morrison gets him with a wicked stomp to the head, tag to Miz. They try for another double team, Bryan deposits Morrison, Miz throws him to the apron, Daniel Bryan up top but Miz crotches him.

Pursues him, hooks for a superplex. Bryan slips between Miz’s legs, crotches him and gets him to a tree of woe. Morrison tags himself in, stops Bryan from making the tag, takes Roman off the apron, Morrison with a modified Spinebuster on Bryan, hits the ropes for a driving knee to the face! John Morrison to the top rope. 450 Splash but Bryan rolls out of the way and he crashes and burns! Crowd tries to will Bryan to make the tag. Simultaneous tags, Roman is a house of fire! Series of clotheslines, capped off with a flying one, uppercut to Morrison, corner clotheslines to Miz in the corner! Hits the ropes, big boot lays Miz out!

Pumps the fist, tries for the Superman Punch but Miz ducks, tag to Morrison, Flying Chuck for a nearfall! Wants Starship Pain now, Roman counters with a roll-up, into a Deadlift Powerbomb attempt but Morrison escapes, wants another Flying Chuck but a Superman Punch takes him out of the air! Roman stalks for the spear! Charges, boot to the face counters, tag to Miz who hits a Skull Crushing Finale but Bryan breaks up the pin! Baseball slide takes Morrison into the announce table! Hits the ropes for a suicide dive, Miz stops that with a big boot! Miz now with the mocking Yes Chants, crowd screaming no! He charges, Reigns gets him with a Superman Punch, Spear for the win!

Winner: Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan

Immediately after, Corbin rushes into the ring and takes his scepter to the back of Roman’s neck! Poses on the stage where his sedan happened to be waiting. That’s all.

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