Roman Reigns def. King Corbin | WWE Super Show-Down Results


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WWE Super Show-Down continues with Roman Reigns taking on King Corbin in a steel cage. So believe it or not Saudi Arabia is REALLY into this feud. Huge pops for Roman, boos for Corbin. The main portion of the audience has made it rather clear what they think about this feud, but Saudi Arabia is clearly eating this stuff up. Roman came out with a chain around his neck that he used to chain the door shut, by the way. Corbin doesn’t seem pleased by this, and attacks Roman from behind when he notices what he’s doing. Roman struggles back to his feet, and now the bell rings.

Steel Cage Match: Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin

Roman did manage to pocket the key from the ref, though. Corbin immediately with a corner clothesline and some heavy right hands. Corbin slams Roman into the cage, grating his face against the mesh. The spot you’ve seen a million times in matches like this. Corbin tries to climb out of the cage… if he can’t use the door, he’ll just climb out of it. Roman’s having none of it and strikes him to slow him down. They start brawling on the top rope, Corbin gets a hold of Roman in a powerbomb position. Roman manages to punch himself out of peril, and Corbin stumbles down to the mat. Roman stays up high, and pounces onto Corbin. Cover and a quick kickout. Loud “Let’s Go Roman” chants as Roman does his spot in the corner with the clubbing blows to the neck, the crowd counting along. Roman locks and loads the superman punch, catches him with a chokeslam, Roman barely manages to escape.

Corbin catches him again though, and does a Deep Six for a nearfall. Corbin tries to steal the key from Roman unsuccessfully… knocks him down again, tries to steal the key again, and now he does it! Corbin undoes the lock, but before he can open the door, Roman grabs him from behind! They fight for a bit, Corbin fends him off, and removes the chain Roman used on the door earlier. Roman stops him from leaving again, but Corbin retaliates, giving him some MMA ground and pound to shut him up. Corbin yells at the ref to open the door, taunts roman while the ref obeys… Corbin tries to get out, but Roman holds his legs back! Corbin’s almost out, but Roman runs to the door and slams it into his head!

Corbin hits Reigns with a chokeslam, grabbing Roman’s chain while he’s down. Corbin wraps the chain around his fist, lifts it up to get heat from the crowd. Corbin does Roman’s punching the ground thing, and Roman isn’t amused, hitting the King with the Superman Punch! Corbin tries to climb up on the ropes again to escape, fighting Roman off. Roman follows Corbin up the cage, Corbin has one leg over, and they trade blows while straddling the cage. Roman sneaks his way over the other end of the cage, but Corbin drags him back inside! They exchange more blows on the top rope, Corbin slams Roman’s face into the cage to knock him off. As he tries to escape again, Corbin pulls his leg out, crotching him on the rope! Reigns with a Superman Punch to the still crotched-Corbin, and another, sending him down to the mat!

Roman grabs the chain, wraps it around his fist like Corbin did earlier… Superman Punch with the chain, and Corbin’s finally down for the count, ending the feud for real this time! ….Right?

Winner: Roman Reigns

One can only hope.

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