Sammy Guevara vs. Dustin Rhodes | AEW Dynamite Preview (2/12/2020) | All Elite Wrestling


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Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the week again… yes, it’s Wednesday once more, the apex of most weeks in professional wrestling in this day and age! Another edition of the Wednesday Night Wars of course brings us AEW Dynamite, featuring a rematch from AEW Homecoming back on January 1st! Once more it’s experience vs. youth as Dustin Rhodes takes on Sammy Guevara! Jordan Huie typing here, you are with us at the Overtimer where you’ll be getting full coverage of the event as it happens, just like always! That includes recaps and results posted moments after segments air, plus a preview of everything that’s been announced! Which as usual, is a fair bit in Dynamite’s case! So let’s not waste any time getting to it!

Sammy Guevara vs. Dustin Rhodes

These two squared off back on New Year’s night, as I mentioned. It was the start of a bit of a winning streak for Sammy, though it was eventually broken by Jon Moxley. And it hardly came by the most kosher of means, given that the finish saw Sammy’s Inner Circle-mate Jake Hager run in and deliver a knee to the groin of Dustin, with Sammy Guevara picking the bones. Now, we’re running it back.

It’s interesting because both of these two definitely have other set rivals at present, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see both of them represented on the AEW Revolution card… which makes it a little harder to pick a logical winner. Dustin at some point will definitely wrestle Hager. It’s been teased for months, going back to Jake breaking his hand all that time ago, and it’s been my assumption for a while now that the Big Hurt will finally debut at Revolution in a match with him. Sammy meanwhile is likely on a collision course with Darby Allin.

Guevara did, after all, seemingly crush his larynx with his own skateboard a couple of weeks ago. We saw Darby taking a flamethrower of the memetic Sammy/Jericho cardboard cut-out in a vignette last week, making it pretty clear that he’s out for revenge. These both seem like things that could make a PPV card in my book… but I also wouldn’t be shocked if Darby/Guevara was a Dynamite match instead, whereas I’m much more sure that Hager/Dustin is a PPV bout. On that balance, I’ll say Dustin gets his win back tonight, though likely with some help from our resident skateboarder.

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