Sheamus def. Apollo Crews & Shorty G | WWE SmackDown Results (2/14/2020)


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Sheamus def. Apollo Crews & Shorty G | WWE SmackDown Results (2/14/2020)

WWE Friday Night SmackDown rages on, where Sheamus will be in action. Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here to keep the recap action going!

Bayley backstage is fuming after having been sent off just now, says that result was not controversial, she’s the champion and her next defense will be at WWE Super Show-Down! She doesn’t care who challenges her, nobody will touch her! We then hear a touching video from Lacey Evans where she talks about how she keeps letters from fans in her boots and when she went into the 2020 Royal Rumble event, she had a letter from a fan whose mother struggled with addiction and talked up how hard that person worked to avoid having the same life.

Meanwhile, Otis Dozovic is backstage combing his hair in the mirror, crowd goes up with a chant of Otis. He sends a text to Mandy Rose and speaks out the emojis. Asks Tucky if he’s crazy to think Mandy could actually like him. Tucker says if Mandy truly deserves you, she will like you for all you have to offer. Then, out comes Sheamus, looking ready for battle and he’s got a handicap match up next, facing both Shorty G and Apollo Crews. Hoo boy…

Shorty G and Apollo come out and jump Sheamus before the bell, pummeling him in the corner.

Sheamus vs. Apollo Crews & Shorty G

Shorty with a series of Rolling Liger Kicks, tag to Apollo who gets in some dropkicks. Double team double axe handle to the arm of Sheamus as Shorty tags in. Sheamus nails Shorty with a sudden clothesline to some unsurprising applause, kinda impossible to get behind the faces here. Sheamus takes Shorty G to the apron and waylays him with much more than ten Beats of the Bowery as the crowd chants along and cheers him.

Shorty fights back, rolls into an Ankle Lock, Sheamus kicks him away and Apollo tags in. Nails him with elbows, Sheamus wants a back body drop and Apollo with a kick to the face, tags G in, running crossbody takes Sheamus over the top rope in a crazy spot! Crews follows up with an Asai Moonsault! Shorty with a Missile Dropkick in the ring, Apollo with a Standing Shooting Star for a nearfall! Brogue Kick ducked but it takes G off the apron, he posts Crews! Stalks him as the crowd calls for a Brogue. Charges and there indeed is the Brogue Kick.

Winner: Sheamus

That was fun in a mindless sorta way. Why on Earth would you put a heel against two babyfaces though, what was the logic to this? It reminds me of how Drew McIntyre turned, except there’s nothing about this that makes me think Sheamus was meant to come off as the good guy. Cheering him was just the natural way to respond to this match.

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