Teddy Hart Arrested In Virginia On Drug Charges


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Teddy Hart Arrested In Virginia On Drug Charges

Former MLW wrestler Teddy Hart was picked up on drug possession on February 11th in Richmond, Virginia. The 40-year old was booked earlier this morning on charges of “possession of a schedule III narcotics and possession with intent to sell or distribute.” 

This Isn’t Hart’s First Rodeo 

What exactly Hart was going to do with the drugs, who knows. A schedule III drug is typically accepted for medical use and is viewed are considered “very addictive.” Xanax, steroids, Vicodin, and Suboxone are included in this class. By state law, it’s a Class I misdemeanor and Teddy Hart could be looking at fines up to $2,500 and a year maximum behind bars. 

This isn’t his first run-in with the law. Back in late 2014, the RCMP arrested Hart for sexual assault charges. These charges were dropped in the summer of 2016 after Hart had been in the U.S for some time. January 1, 2017 saw Hart try to avoid arrest on a traffic violation in Texas. The charges on that offense were dropped as well. 

What Has Teddy Hart Been Up To? 

Teddy Hart’s career in Mexico with AAA is well known. He was there between 2007 and 2013 and involved in major angles and matches. He would return to AAA in 2018. Bringing everything up to speed in 2014, he mainly wrestled on the indies in Texas, Florida, Mexico, and California regularly.  

He joined Major League Wrestling in 2017 and was a big part of the promotion along with cousin David Boy Smith Jr. and close friend Brian Pillman Jr. as the New Hart Foundation. As part of the trio, he won the World Middleweight and World Tag Team titles. Teddy Hart was also MLW’s wrestler of the year for 2018. 

Trouble Follows Hart

His time in MLW saw Hart mellow out to a degree or at least manage his private life to where it wasn’t a problem. As mentioned above, he had legal issues and for some reason couldn’t avoid other unsavory situations. Prior to his arrest, his last match was on February 4th in Orlando, Florida for I Believe in Wrestling.  

The company has close ties to the Team Vision Dojo where his ex-girlfriend and pupil Samantha Fiddler was training before she went missing. Team Vision Dojo is run by Chasyn Rance—who is a sex offender. Yes, the same guy Kenny Omega had on a show some time ago. Hart said he would no longer associate or wrestle for Rance in November 2019.  

But here we are. Teddy Hart is scheduled for court on April 23rd. 

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