The Best Friends def. The Butcher & The Blade | AEW Dynamite Results (2/26/2020) | All Elite Wrestling


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AEW Dynamite rolls on. We now have tag team action, as the Best Friends (Trent & Chuck Taylor) take on The Butcher & The Blade.

The Best Friends (Trent Baretta & Chuck Taylor) w/ Orange Cassidy vs. The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny

The Blade and Trent start, Blade immediately takes Chuck off the apron, Butcher comes in and slings Trent roughly into the second rope! Blade tags Butcher in for real, Gutwrench lift, dropkick to the face from Blade, Butcher with the Gutwrench Suplex and now he’s storming around the ring. Takes him to the heel corner, tags and isolation. Blade with some knife edge chops. Trent chops his way out of the corner, Blade with a side headlock, Trent shoots him off, Blade with a shoulder tackle, back body drop attempt gets Trent kicked in the face, Slingshot Suplex, Trent bounces painfully off the top rope to the mat!

“Best Friends” chant is pretty damn loud as Blade keeps working him over, Trent with a dropkick! Tag to Chuck Taylor, ducks Blade and hits Butcher, rising knee out of the corner to Blade! Sole Food/Half-N-Half! Chuck is offering Blade to get back in the ring but he walks off, commercial break, match continues in the inset. Butcher & Blade get the advantage again, working over Chuck now. Butcher power whips Chuck into the corner! Gets him with a big vertical suplex! Clubbering blow to the back of the neck. Chuck trying to fight back. Eats a chop that takes him back down. Whip, shoulder block.

As we come back, Blade tags in. Wicked chop in the corner! Whip to the opposite corner, Chuck with a boot up, low bridges Butcher, hot tag to Trent! Springing Tornado DDT to Blade! Knocks the Butcher to the floor, wants a pescado to Blade but he catches him, slams him against the barrier, but Trent bounces off for the spear! Orange Cassidy rolls into the ring!! And so too does the Bunny and they meet in the ring! “Freshly Squeezed” chant, Cassidy wants to put his hands in his pockets but Bunny stops it! Steals his shades!! Massive heat! Wants another low blow but Cassidy blocks it, spins her around and steals her ears!!! Orange Cassidy has the Bunny’s ears on now, hands in the pockets!! Ducks a blow, avoids the Butcher as well, low bridges him out, Tope Suicida takes Butcher out, Strong Zero to Blade for the win!

Winner: The Best Friends

Welp, not a great night in predictions to me, just a bunch of strong wins for popular faces tonight. Then, Tony Schiavone in the ring to announce a new match for Revolution… PAC vs. Orange Cassidy! Big pop! “Freshly Squeezed” chant! Chuck says the Best Friends are back in their winning ways and warns PAC if he thinks Cassidy is a joke, well the jokes on him because this time, he’s gonna TRY! Big ovation! Trent admits he didn’t tell them that, they don’t know what he’ll do. Chant of “Please Don’t Try”. Tony asks Cassidy himself, and we get the psuedo thumbs up. In the commercial inset, Tony Schiavone joins in on the group hug!!! Cassidy puts the sunglasses on Tony!

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