The Broserweights def. The Undisputed Era | WWE NXT TakeOver: Portland Results


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WWE NXT TakeOver: Portland rolls on and we’ve got tag team action coming on now! The Broserweights, Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne facing off with the Undisputed Era, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly! And my God, these madmen have How Much Fish Could Bobby Fish Fry If Bobby Fish Could Fry Fish? shirt and then start an actual singalong with it. Incredible. Eventually TUE get sick of this and charge them in the stage, they brawl their way up the ramp! Fish and O’Reilly with high kicks put them down and they toss them into the ring!

NXT Tag Team Championships: The Undisputed Era (c) vs. The Broserweights

Riddle with a waistlock takedown, kicks to the chest. Kyle catches one, kick to the thigh! Riddle with a Gutwrench Suplex, rolls into a deadlift variant and lets Dunne tag in, second suplex nailed, Dunne flips Riddle into a standing moonsault, nails a basement dropkick! Fish wants a side headlock but Dunn whips him away, big clothesline! O’Reilly rushes into the ring but Dunne gets him with a wristlock, takes him to the mat and stomps the elbow hard! Dunne pursues Fish out of the ring, X-Plex onto the apron! Comes off the steps with a moonsault, Kyle avoids it, but Dunne lands on his feet, gets him with an X-Plex right onto his partner!

Throws Fish into the ring and pursues, hammerlock cinched in, takes him down, grinds the boot against his face and manipulates the fingers! Stomp to the arm! Fish escapes, whips him to the corner, Dunne wants to do a rope run but Fish kicks his leg out from under him and he falls to the mat. Tag to O’Reilly, combo of kicks leads to a legsweep to a pop! Leaping stomp, tag to Fish. Quick tags and isolation now, O’Reilly gets him with palm strikes. Dunne grabs him by the ankle and he struggles over to the corner to tag Fish back in to get him with an Oklahoma Roll for a 2 count. Double team in the corner as the quick tags continue, chant of “Bro”.

Dunne doing his damnedest to fight out, takes Fish out on the outside, WWE Headkick to O’Reilly blocked, singles out the leg and gets a rope-assisted Dragon Screw Legwhip, Fish clips the other leg to send him to the floor! Throws him into the ring, Dunne tries to kick Fish away but he keeps him grounded.

Dunne with a boot up in the corner, escapes both men, enziguri, hot tag to Matt Riddle!

Several high kicks, he is throwing them everywhere, exploder suplexes! Fisherman’s Buster, GTS into a German Suplex, Bridge for a nearfall! Tag to Dunne, Tag Team Ripcord Knee, nearfall! Both Broserweights go up top, Dunne with a moonsault to Fish on the floor, as Riddle tries for the Rolling Bro at the same time but O’Reilly gets the knees up! Dunne with a double foot stomp to Fish’s hands and wants to follow it up with a roundhouse kick but it’s ducked,  he kicks the post instead! In the ring, O’Reilly charges but Riddle avoids his shot, Final Flash Knee, Roundhouse returned from O’Reilly and they’re both out!

Riddle grabs the ankle as O’Reilly kicks him away, dumps him to the outside, tag to Fish – but Riddle spears right through him! Into the ring, big spear to O’Reilly! Wants a Jackahmmer but Fish with a chopblock stops that! Codebreaker into a Wheelbarrow German Suplex for a nearfall! Riddle with a double high knee, tag to Pete Dunne! Dunne tries a body scissor but O’Reilly reverses with an Inverted Dragon Sleeper, dropkick returned with a rebound lariat, exchange of ankle locks, Dunne wins out! Riddle gets Fish in one as well! Fish kicks him away though as O’Reilly reverses into a Scorpion Deathlock!

Fish with a Guillotine, Riddle tries to suplex him away but Fish hangs on for a sleeper… Fish kicks O’Reilly in the face, then slams onto his back to break both holds!

Standing ovation and a chant of “BRO”! Dunne bounces Fish off the ropes for a German Suplex, double stomp to the hands sets up the roundhouse to the head! Tag to Riddle! Doomsday Device attempt but Fish escapes, throws Dunne into Riddle to crotch him! O’Reilly takes Dunne out on the outside, Fish with a superplex on Riddle! Kyle O’Reilly with a kneebar! Fish tries to keep Dunne away, traps him in the corner but Dunne breaks the fingers! From the second rope he leaps over him and stomps the wrist of O’Reilly to break the hold!!! “This Is Awesome”!

Kyle with leg kicks, Pete with forearms. Dunne with a big series of chops, Fish throws Dunne into Riddle to knock him off the apron! Kyle wants the tag to Fish but Dunne keeps a hold of his hand! Wrenches the fingers, wants the Bitter End but O’Reilly escapes, Riddle into the ring for the accidental spear! Riddle is deposited, Chasing The Dragon on Dunne! NEARFALL!? Incredible! TUE with more double teams on Dunne but Riddle blind tags in! Final Flash to Fish, X-Plex GTS to O’Reilly! And one more to Fish for the win!

Winners: The Broserweights

That was great! Seeing the miscommunications at the end there had me nervous, but it was great headgames in the end. NXT’s tag division really needed this in a big way, and Riddle finally wins a title! Good stuff all around.

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