The Elite Sit-Down Interview With JR | AEW Dynamite Results (2/26/2020) | All Elite Wrestling


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AEW Dynamite continues, following that fatal four way. We have a sit-down interview with JR, and the four members of the Elite, both sides of the AEW World Tag Team title match. The Bucks admit that they didn’t see this happening, they didn’t think Page and Omega would be the champs. Great singles wrestlers but among the best tag teams in the world, they thought it would be them, no offense. JR says he does still think the Bucks are the best but why haven’t they been champs yet? Kenny explains that it’s about place and time. They just found something together. Page thinks Kenny’s saying this was a big accident. Kenny explains that isn’t what he meant, but it was very situational.

JR asks Page why he’s uncomfortable, noting how he’s twitching on his seat. Matt asks why he had to bring a drink to the interview. Page blows this off. JR says no match on the card features two sides who know each other so well. Matt says they love Page and Omega, two of their closest friends in the world. But they’re competitors, and Jim has said it, they’re the best tag team in the world. Them, not Kenny and Hangman. But at the end of it, they’ll shake hands. Because the Elite is bigger than this.

Page takes exception to this, says that months ago he tried to walk out of this team in case they forgot.

Indeed, he wanted to just straight-up leave the Elite back on BTE in like October or November and they basically just ignored him on that one. Matt yells at him for this, chastising him for wanting to leave them after everything they’ve done for them and everything they’ve been through, Nick lackadaisically says Hangman was a jobber in Ring of Honor before they came along. And that is more than enough for Hangman. Page storms out of the interview and Kenny’s just sighing as it comes to a close.

Pretty tense stuff, played like you’d figure. Lotta tension between friends with blame to be spread around between both of them. It’s really gonna be something when they finally face off at AEW Revolution this Saturday. In the inset, ring girls come out for the upcoming weigh-in for Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley, up next!

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