The Original Plan For NWA Power Was To Air On WWE Network


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The Original Plan For NWA Power Was To Air On WWE Network

The revival of the National Wrestling Alliance has been going better than anyone could have imagined. With some successful PPV events under their belt and a fantastic weekly show coming out every Tuesday, they’re becoming a fan favorite promotion once again. They found a way to appeal to a different set of fans than WWE & AEW. This could have been very different however, as the original plan according to Dava Lagana was to have their show air on the WWE Network. This was revealed by Jim Cornette, who was involved in the NWA revival as a commentator until racist comments got him fired.

NWA Powerrr On WWE Network

According to Jim Cornette, he was told many times during production meetings that the goal was to get their new show on the biggest wrestling platform around. While he was skeptical, unless Lagana was lying to Cornette there was meetings to try and get this dream to be a reality.

WWE has teased adding other promotions to their streaming service in the past, namely partners like Evolve Wrestling, ICW & Progress. But considering they own a considerable about of old NWA content which you can watch on the service, bring NWA on would make sense. It would be easy content as it would be produced out of their hands, and while WWE would get some say in decisions, they could have just reviewed the content and approved it for airing.

Would We Have Seen Some WWE Superstars Crossover?

While WWE could have stayed hands off in the scenerio that NWA entered their universe, they also could have gotten involved and sent talent over to be used there. WWE has more wrestlers than they could ever need, and people like Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Curtis Axel,  The Ascension and more could have found a home in NWA. They are people who don’t get much shine on TV, but thrive when given a chance. They could have showed WWE they deserve a bigger role.

At the end of the day however, things didn’t work out as planned and NWA Powerrr would find its home on YouTube as they shop around for a bigger deal. They have partnered up with Ring of Honor and use some of their undercard talent to bolster their roster, and it has been working out nicely for them.

Do you think NWA Powerrr would have worked as a show on the WWE Network? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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