The Usos & The New Day def. Miz, Morrison, Roode & Ziggler | WWE SmackDown Results

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The Usos & The New Day def. Miz, Morrison, Roode & Ziggler | WWE SmackDown Results

WWE Friday Night SmackDown begins with the Usos making their way out for their eight man tag team match! They have microphones and mention how last week they couldn’t be here, but it was hard to be missed because the Miz and John Morrison couldn’t keep their names out of their mouths. But that was last week and this week, they’ve got a Superkick Party and everyone’s invited. Surely the Bucks have that trademarked… they’ll probably be cool about it though. The New Day make their way out as well, teaming with Uce against Miz, Morrison, Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler.

New Day also on the mic talking up how they’re teaming with former rivals, calling them one of the greatest tag team of all time, future Hall of Famers. They try to get them to stop but the New Day demand that they get these compliments. They yell that they’re six-time tag team champions which is incredible… but is also one less than the New Day, meaning that they’re better than them. Miz and Morrison out and they uh, also have mics, trying to get people to chant their names. Introduce Dolph Ziggler as a man who had a great Valentine’s Day. Out comes Dolph and Roode and this is finally getting underway, after the break.

The Usos & The New Day vs. Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, The Miz & John Morrison

The match just started during commercial and we see Usos and the New Day gang up on Dolph Ziggler, big assisted basement dropkick in the corner. Roode distracts the ref, Morrison from the apron gets Kofi onto the floor, where Miz clips him with a clothesline. Now it’s a big heat segment as they’re keeping Kofi worked over in the corner. Kingston snapmares Morrison and tries to make a tag but he gets taken right back to the corner. Morrison wants a superplex but Kofi punches him to the mat, Kofi has to kick Miz, Roode and Ziggler away but it gives Morrison time to clip him. Commercial break.

We come back and Kofi is still being worn down, Ziggler power whips him into a neutral corner and tags out to Roode. They try to double team, Kofi low bridges Ziggler and gets a double footstomp on Roode! Simultags to Miz and Big E, E is in with a series of belly to bellies to Miz and Morrison! Hits the ropes, huge running splash on the Miz! Wants the Big Ending but he escapes, blind tag from Morrison, E wants his crazy spear but Morrison gets him with a knee to the face! Charges him in the corner but E counters with an STO!

Suspicious static interference. E gets taken back down though, Morrison with a Driving Knee to the face, Standing Shooting Star for a nearfall! In tags Robert Roode and an Uso, double team Zig Zag/Spinebuster mis-timed, gets broken up. Superkicks start flying, Roode blocks one, ducks an enziguri but eats a Superkick for the finish!

Winners: The Usos & The New Day

Really felt that the challengers would be getting a win here, surprised. Maybe there will be a title change this Thursday.

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