Top Joshi Star Sareee Announces She Has Signed With WWE


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Top Joshi Star Sareee Announces She Has Signed With WWE

Following in the footsteps of Asuka, Kairi Sane and Io Shirai, one of the top stars in the world of Japanese Women’s Wrestling (aka Joshi) has announced she has signed a deal with WWE. This is Sareee, best known for her work in promotions like Sendai Girls, and she is one of the top stars available for WWE to sign.

Who Is Sareee?

Sareee isn’t the type of star who instantly catches attention, but is someone who has never had a bad match. Sareee is an 9 year pro at only 23 years old, and is coming into WWE with a clean bill of health. This is something that sets her apart from Io and Kairi, who joined WWE being pretty beat up.  This makes it easy for  WWE to be looking at her as a long term investment. She is young, talented, and healthy. Perfect to build up as a cornerstone member of the WWE roster.

Her in ring style is heavy on moves like suplexes, body slams, drop kicks, clotheslines. This is despite only being 5’1, making her an unexpected powerhouse who is able to hit very hard.

Could WWE Be Planning A Weekly Female Only Show?

With this latest signing, combined with the insane amount of female talent WWE has across their various brands, it is getting harder and harder to stand out and get TV time. You have some of the best wrestlers in the world, but they aren’t able to shine as bright. The success of the Mae Young Classic and Evolution PPV clearly show that there is potential in a weekly live show focusing on the WWE women’s division, and it could make for some great content on the WWE Network.

On this potential show, we could see the champions of all brands show up, and it would allow for a lot of crossover with the women of WWE. It would give a platform to underrated talents like Sarah Logan & Dana Brooke to show their worth, as well as allow stars like Becky Lynch & Charlotte a show where they are undisputed as top talent.

WWE will always find a use for a talented wrestler, and hopefully Sareee won’t get lost in the shuffle and can find the same level of success as people like Asuka & Kairi Sane.

Are you familiar with Sareee and her work, or will WWE be introducing you to her? Share some of your favorite matches and moments of her career in the comment section down below.

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