What Will The New All Elite Wrestling Show Look Like?


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What Will The New All Elite Wrestling Show Look Like?

There has been talk about a second All Elite Wrestling television show for some time. In the same interview with Dave Meltzer mentioned before, Cody touched briefly on what the new show would like. One thing he made sure to point out is that it wouldn’t be “a repacked AEW Dark.” This begs two questions off the bat. 

What Will The Second All Elite Wrestling Show Be? 

Here’s the million-dollar question. From what Cody said, it’s looking like a one-hour show. Perfect. With it being this early in the game for All Elite Wrestling, there’s no need for a second two-hour program. AEW Dark is a B-show where there are bouts that weren’t on Dynamite in addition to the development of characters. 

In presenting a second show of the same length, there’s some small amount of stigma about it possibly being a repacked Dark. The thing here is that there’s only so much that can be done with another wrestling show. You kind of need to have wrestling involved. It’s in the company’s name, the show should be on-brand. 

Cody said that one of the ideas is to implement more of the Being Elite series into the product. That’s a great idea, Being Elite gives more insight into these guys in a way that Dynamite doesn’t. Things are going on, feuds, attacks, interviews—all of that. Wrestler personas should be presented in the course of those two hours.  

However, Dynamite moves at such a pace each week that it can be difficult to mix that in. It can be weird to go to a segment about a wrestler’s life away from the ring sans the tights, ring jackets, and theme music between a beat down and the next match on the flagship show. The A-show should be all the important stuff that bolsters an upcoming PPV, not “Joey and Cody were at the Palooka County Comic-Con this week…” 

WWE used to do stuff like this in shows and it was always a fridge or toilet break. 

Is There A Need For A Second Show? 

As I mentioned above, there’s no need for a second two-hour show. The roster isn’t big enough, the organization for a second roster isn’t there either. That isn’t to say that there needs to be a second roster or a split but with All Elite Wrestling going writer-less for the product, producing a second two-hour program would result in burn out. 

AEW would be accelerating its storylines, basically. A B-show wouldn’t present this problem at all. Of course, there’s always a chance the show could end up being all beyond the ring. I can see a mixed reaction to this approach. On one hand, you want more wrestling but an all character development program would be solid for talent on the come up. 

That said, Cody stated that Tony Khan had the idea of the show being something for upstarts and prospects. Basically something like early reboot NXT. The most we can do now is sit and wait to see what All Elite Wrestling runs with for this second program. 

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