What’s Next For NJPW Legend Minoru Suzuki?


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What's Next For NJPW Legend Minoru Suzuki?

hen it comes to the factions of NJPW, there are none more feared than Suzuki-Gun. A group of bastard heels who will beat you up and laugh about it lead by MMA trailblazer Minoru Suzuki. Suzuki is still in peak physical condition despite being 51 years old, and he has adapted his style perfectly as he aged.

He is a brawler who is not afraid to start slamming people over the head with chairs, and will choke you out while he laughs. You can’t even break his spirit by beating him down, as the only thing he likes as much as hurting others is getting hurt himself. He just left a war with IWGP United States Champion Jon Moxley on the losing side. With rumors that his long term contract with NJPW expired in January, Suzuki is no longer tied town to NJPW. He is the most terrifying free agent in the game. While he is a legend in NJPW and will always be welcome, we could see him begin to travel the world more. He is signed for the upcoming GCW Joey Janelas Spring Break Event, where he will face AEW’s Orange Cassidy.

Will Minoru Suzuki Make His Way To AEW?

Despite mainly competing in Japan over his career, Suzuki is a well loved star in the United States. He simply has this uncanny aura about him, almost a figure spoken of in myth. With connections to AEW through Jon Moxley, we could see him make his way overseas for some special appearances with All Elite Wrestling. We never got that brutal battle between Suzuki & Jericho, and that might be a great match to bring him into AEW for. We could even see him bring in his Suzuki-Gun followers to match up against the Inner Circle. No one would have expected Suzuki to be a bridge between the companies, but it is a very real possibility.

Returning To All Japan Or Pro Wrestling NOAH

While Suzuki has never won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, he is a former holder of both the Triple Crown Championship of AJPW and GHC Heavyweight Championship in Pro Wrestling NOAH. Both AJPW and NOAH are on the rise, and having a former champion and legend come in to test their rising aces could lead to some fantastic matches.

Do you hope Minoru Suzuki stays in NJPW, or would you like to see Japans lonely warrior travel the world as his career winds down? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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