WWE Developmental Talent Reina González Undergos Name Change


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WWE Developmental Talent Reina González Undergos Name Change

WWE has enough talent training in their performance center to reseed their entire three brand roster if they needed to. Between independent wrestling standouts, promising athletes, and everything in between, we only see the tip of the WWE iceberg on our TV screens. One such talent who has been putting in time in the WWE Performance Center is Reina González, who will now be known as Raquel González.

The second generation wrestler was part of the initial Mae Young Classic, and has been signed to WWE since 2016. Reina González has been wrestling since 2014, and was first trained at America’s Academy of Pro Wrestling by George De La Isla & Ray “Papadon” Campos.

Name Changes Will Often Indicate A Wrestler Will Be Coming To TV

While someone like González has been putting in the hours on the NXT live event circuit in Florida, she has yet to establish herself on TV. Normally however, talent will only get a new name if they are to soon get a role on NXT TV. With Wrestlemania just around the corner, we should expect to see some of the talent from the NXT women’s division move to RAW & Smackdown.

This will open slots in NXT for people like Raquel González to make an impact on TV. While González will start from the bottom of the division, her unique look and style will help her to stand out in the division which is heavy on technique. She could become NXT Women’s Champion at some point in the decade, as she has clearly been working hard to improve.

Name changes will be done before a performer comes to TV to add less confusion, as rebranding someone weeks or months into their tenure is something that can cause this. We saw this when Killian Dain entered NXT. He debuted under his old ring name of Big Damo, only to have it shortened to Damo and then switched to Killian Dain. If you get people used to a name, it is hard for them to accept a new one should it be changed on a whim. By doing this before they come to TV, you avoid this entirely.

Are you excited to see the Texas powerhouse potentially come to NXT TV soon? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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