WWE Keeping Future 2020 Hall of Fame Inductees a Surprise


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WWE Keeping Future 2020 Hall of Fame Inductees a Surprise

There’s been a lack of WrestleMania and Hall of Fame information coming out this year, and it’s deliberate. With the intrusion of social media, Vince McMahon wants to keep things as secretive as possible to surprise fans to what we’ll see. The lack of WrestleMania new was reported a couple of months ago, but it’s been reported the WWE is copying the NFL and keeping their Hall of Fame inductees a surprise.

It’s a copycat world

Thanks to @high_risk_maneuver for the quote,

“According to a source at WWE, the company’s making a concerted effort to keep the names of HOF inductees quiet more so than usual this year. The idea if the want to surprise the remaining inductees — they saw what the NFL did this year (Jimmy Johnson) and they liked it.”

As much as it sucks for those of us that have become addicted to having everything we want to know at out fingertips, this is a smart move. For starters, if we know who’s going in and we don’t like them, we won’t tune in or buy tickets. At the same time, there has to be some kind of teasers for a couple of inductees, or we won’t care to check it out until after the fact.

Vince McMahon has never had a problem in copying others if he thinks it’ll help him make money, so this isn’t a surprise.

The NFL has been trying to make their events more mainstream friendly for years as our attention spans have faltered, and this is their attempt to do so.

Whether of not it’ll translate to the WWE is another matter.

WWE Hall of Fame is… exclusive

Yes, all hall of fames are exclusive to the best players or performers in history. But for McMahon, it’s even more so.

It’s been reported that Vince McMahon treasures loyalty over just about anything else. If you’re loyal to him (ie work without complaint, be honest, and do what he tells you) then he’s loyal to you. If not, well…

There are plenty of Vince McMahon vs. someone stories out there. Some are legitimate gripes, others feel more like a disagreement where pride won’t let someone apologize and move on.

People disagree all the time, and holding grudges isn’t anything new. Nor is punishing those we feel wronged us as some point. And when we’re in a position of power and can have say over who gets in here or who doesn’t, it becomes petty and childish.

It took years for Vince McMahon and Bret Hart to mend enough of their differences for Hart to appear in a WWE ring again and accept enshrinement. His brother, Owen Hart, hasn’t been inducted because Owen’s wife refuses to allow his likeness to appear on WWE broadcasts, and the reasons are understandable.

The problem is only WWE fans care about their hall of fame. There are other professional wrestling hall of fames, and while they are just as biased by personal grudges and backstage politics, they’re not as big as the WWE and so they don’t have a target on them.

Who knows, maybe some unexpected wrestlers we’ve been waiting to enter will be added to the list. We can always hope.

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