WWE News: Adam Cole Wants To Retire Triple H


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Adam Cole has been sat on top of the NXT mountain since 2019, becoming one of the best NXT Champions of all time. He has beaten all challengers, defended the belt on RAW, Smackdown, and at Survivor Series, and is on his way to breaking Finn Balor’s record of holding the title for 292 days. It is clear that WWE and Triple H have a ton of respect for Adam Cole as a performer, and recognize his potential as a star. There is one way that WWE could instantly make him into one of their biggest stars, and it is something Adam Cole would love to do. He wants to retire Triple H.

Adam Cole Wouldn’t Pass Up The Opportunity

One of the people who made Adam Cole want to be a wrestler was Triple H, who only wrestles occasionally at this point in his career. While speaking to Steel Chair Magazine, Cole was asked about the possibility of retiring Triple H. “Anybody on our roster would agree. We all idolized Triple H or Shawn Michaels as kids, and now we’ve grown up, we’re working together with them. We’re really getting to see their minds and not only how smart they are, but how much they absolutely love this job. I wouldn’t pass that up for the world, that absolutely is something that I would love to do. I know many NXT talents feel the same way, and I definitely know a bunch of fans would love it,”  he said.

If Adam Cole was the one to finally bring Triple H to Game Over, he would become a top star for years to come in WWE. It would also allow Triple H to put over one of his cherished NXT talents in his final match, something that would make his work building NXT as a brand worthwhile.

This would be a match that would have to happen at a huge event like Wrestlemania, and knowing Triple H it would be an epic encounter, much like his recent matches with Batista, Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan.

Would you you want to see Adam Cole retire Triple H? If not, who do you think should be the one to finally end Triple H’s career? Let us know what you have to say in the comment section down below.

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