WWE News: Cain Velasquez Expected Back By Wrestlemania


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WWE News: Cain Velasquez Expected Back By Wrestlemania

While he hasn’t done much, Cain Velasquez was a big signing for WWE. The MMA legend was brought in to face his old rival Brock Lesnar, who was able to defeat him in just over 2 minutes. Despite this feeling like a one off apperance, Velasquez is signed on to WWE for atleast 3 years. Unfortunately he has already fallen to injury, but is back and ready for action. He has been putting in some work at the WWE Performance Center, and with his star power should be involved at Wrestlemania. E

Will Cain Velasquez Face Andrade At Wrestlemania?

At a press conference to promote WWE going to BT Sports in the UK, Andrade would call out the injured Velasquez. Andrade told the panel that he wants to take on former UFC champion once he’s done with Mysterio. He has finished the feud with Mysterio after beating him in a ladder match, before moving into one with the WWE Wellness Policy. Andrade will soon have served his 30 day suspension, and that could also come along with Velasquez making his Monday Night RAW debut to start his path to the United States Championship.

Unimpressive Debut

The match against Brock Lesnar was done in a way that resembled an MMA fight, which was a fitting way to debut Velasquez. It was a very unimpressive performance, but this was due to Velasquez entering the match with an injured knee. In the few matches he had for AAA down in Mexico, he was speeding around the ring in a luchador style, which is what fans want to see. A hybrid of MMA and Luchador stylings would help Velasquez stand out and would make him very fun to watch.

He has the potential to be a great star in WWE if handled correctly, and building him up to a match with someone like Andrade would be an excellent way to get fans behind him. Andrade is a top level worker, and would help Velasquez look like the star that WWE brought on in the first place. Even if Andrade loses the United States championship along the way to Wrestlemania, it would still be a logical reboot for Velasquez.

Do you think Velasquez will redeem his poor debut for WWE with his coming return, or was he a poor investment for WWE? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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