WWE Speculation: Who Were The Glitches On Smackdown Meant For?


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WWE Speculation: Who Were The Glitches On Smackdown Meant For?

During the latest episode of Smackdown Live, there were some visual glitches interrupting the action in the ring. It happened twice throughout the show, and that was enough to get fans speculating on who they would be meant for. Small touches like this are usually used to build up a debut or return, and we recently seen something similar in WWE NXT as a build to the return of Velveteen Dream. There are a few options on who this could have been for, with fans narrowing it down to just a few possible candidates.

Mustafa Ali To Return To TV?

The strongest case can be made for Mustafa Ali. The two glitches included a blue ring of dots, and a blue email type image. The ring of dots was nearly identical to the gloves Mustafa Ali wears during his entrances. The email could be a reference to one of the nicknames Ali holds, ‘The Messenger Of Light’. It’s a pretty hamfisted reference to the nickname, but WWE is not a company who holds subtlety as an artform. Ali has been absent from Smackdown Live since December, but has been working dark matches with Apollo Crews, Drew Gulak and Curtis Axel in 2020. He was seemingly set for a huge year in 2019, but injury caused his main event push to be passed over to Kofi Kingston instead. He remains one of the most well loved wrestlers in the company, and has the skills to become a major player.

Killer Kross WWE Debut?

While the imagery really lines up with that of Mustafa Ali, we could be seeing the start of what will be the gimmick of recent signee Killer Kross. Kross has been heavily teasing a debut for Smackdown Live, rather than the expected NXT. He has shown great character work in places like Impact Wrestling, so WWE will likely want to use that aspect instead of having him debut as a bland brute. It would also make more sense for someone expected to be a heel to be injecting messages into the middle of others matches to draw attention to you. We could see the start of a hacker type gimmick out of this, which could be interesting in the social media heavy landscape of the modern era.

Who do you think these cryptic messages could be signalling? More details should reveal themselves over time, so stay tuned as this mystery will be solved. Comment down below with your early predictions on who you think they will be for.

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