WWE Universal Championship is in Flux for WrestleMania 36


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We’ve previously reported that Bray Wyatt would face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 36, but that may no longer be the case. With dollar signs dancing in Vince McMahon’s eyes, it’s been reported that there is a legitimate possibility that Goldberg will win the WWE Universal Championship at Super Showdown. In short, it’s been leaked that the Smackdown matches as well as the Universal Championship is in flux for WrestleMania.

How this could happen

There are plenty of arguments against this happening, such as the title changing hands on a weekday, in another country at a cash grab show, while many of us are at work.

It makes sense until we consider how Bray Wyatt won the WWE Universal Championship under the same conditions.

Yeah, that’s unsettling.

The thing is, and this is going by comments on social media, Goldberg winning would be as popular as the ending for Rollins and Wyatt’s Hell in a Cell match. More than that, it could cost McMahon and the WWE big time if they go through with it. There were reports of people dropping their subscription to WWE Network following HIAC, and it’s possible the same will happen again.

Or maybe not, since most of the malcontents have already left the service. It’s not a housecleaning McMahon can afford if he wants to see the pay-per-views to another streaming service or network. But then, he rarely cares what the fans think and does what he wants. It’s his company and he has the right, so more power to him.

But then there’s the other side of the coin.

Why this won’t happen

There were reports that Wyatt was always meant to win the Universal Championship on or around Halloween given his Fiend gimmick. And after the disastrous handling at HIAC, having Rollins keep the title wasn’t feasible.

In many ways, Wyatt’s eventual win was more of a makeup for the HIAC abomination, and Wyatt has had some great feuds since then. He and Daniel Bryan was as much fun as any we’ve seen in years, and it shows how important it is for Wyatt to keep the championship.

WWE matches have been bad to meh for the longest time, so having someone that can work so well with others and create something memorable is important. Sure, Wyatt’s win over Rollins was meh (probably because McMahon didn’t want his golden boy to actually be pinned by Wyatt), but that was more in line with Rollins not knowing ring psychology. Going along with McMahon’s five Stomps idea at HIAC shows that, as does his miraculous recovery from bad ribs against Brock Lesnar.

And Goldberg isn’t good enough to carry a match.

It’s an unpopular opinion, but he struck a chord originally because of his appearance, intensity, and ability to destroy opponents right away. He’s struggled in any match that’s gone more than a couple of minutes (kinda like Rollins), and he’s more of a part timer anymore.

Putting the championship on him wouldn’t serve any realistic purpose aside from trying to lure fans back with a cheap tease for WrestleMania.

It’s also telling that Roman Reigns has stated he’d rather face Bray Wyatt than Goldberg, and he’s slated to be the promotion’s top face by WrestleMania, so maybe keeping him happy is a good idea?

Whatever McMahon’s planning, it’s going to make Super Showdown interesting.

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